There's no fun in worrying about the calories in a creme egg, so don't listen to social media for the next few days, writes Emmet from Rushe Fitness.

This is going to be short and sweet today. After all, most of you are probably still reeling from all the chocolate at the weekend.

Over the last few days, in the build up to Easter, the online “fitness” community started their usual nonsense.

Memes were being posted daily, telling people about the amount of calories that will be in the Easter eggs they might be thinking of consuming.

The memes, usually state the item, the calories involved and the amount of exercise you would have to do in order to burn off whatever you were planning to eat.

Way to take the fun out of Easter ‘Fitness community’… Way to go.

This isn’t just limited to the fitness community either. 

The Irish Independent ran an article along the same lines last week, about the calories in Easter eggs and the amount of exercise it would take to burn them off. 

This is completely the wrong message to be giving about any type of food. 

This is my take on it here. 

Easter isn’t the time to be worrying about the amount of calories, carbs, and sugar that is in chocolate.

You have had all year to figure that out, and if you haven’t let it bother you up until now, there is no point in worrying about it over the one time of year where Creme Eggs are available and chocolate eggs and rabbits are plentiful.

We all know that over indulging in chocolate isn’t a good thing.

We all know that if you eat an inordinate amount of Easter eggs over a 12-hour period, chances are, we will have a week’s worth of calories to get rid of.

With the amount of free information that is on the internet, I would hazard a guess that none of you reading this didn’t eat your Easter eggs and think that you were sin, points or calorie free.

So why do these memes still clutter our news feeds any time we have a commercial holiday that revolves around eating?

It’s because some people think that they will make a difference.

I’m here to tell you that they won’t.


There are two ways that it will go if you are a gym, trainer, I.G ‘celebrity’ or fitness ‘motivator’ and you are trying to get your people to abstain from Easter. 

1. Your followers will ignore you and eat the eggs anyway.
2. Your followers will abstain, only to crack a few days later and gorge themselves in a binge and then have guilt related feelings after.
3. Your followers will agree with you and like and comment on your posts and eat the  eggs anyways.

We have all year to stick to the plan and watch what we eat.


One day won’t mess things up.

Breeding guilt related feelings around food will however push you into a binge and purge type of eating pattern, which is worse for everyone.

The take home message here for everyone is this;

Think about what you eat and the amounts that you are eating on all the other days of the year.

Have a diet that is sustainable, isn’t overly restrictive and allows for social occasions that you can enjoy with your family when they arise.

This might take a bit longer, but it will breed better habits and better relationships with food.

You will also get to enjoy occasions like Christmas and Easter without worrying about how many burpees you will have to do in order to burn off a crème egg.

Where’s the fun in that?

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