A young Donegal woman is set to appear on a new TV series to share her strong views on important topics.

Leanne McCafferty from Ballyshannon is one of the guests on Eating With The Enemy on Virgin Media One this St. Patrick’s Day at 9pm.

Tomorrow’s episode will see Leanne paired with a stranger for a meal. The catch is that the person will have opposing views, and the programme seeks to study their conversations as a social experiment.

See a preview here:

Leanne is a marketing manager with steadfast opinions on women’s roles and feminism, particularly on competitions such as the Rose of Tralee. Her conversation with her fellow diner, Briain Óg from Limerick, also touches on emotional topics including grief and eating disorders.

In an age where people live in their own social media ‘bubbles’, Eating with the Enemy aims to gain a look at dialogue between people who have different opinions and see if they can find a common ground.

In each episode, four pairs are presented with a menu of thought-provoking questions designed with the series psychologist, Dr Malie Coyne and psychotherapist Richard Hogan, to break through the small talk and get to the heart of what makes us human – our differences and our commonalities. 

Tune in to see if Leanne and Briain Óg can agree to disagree…

Catch the episode on Virgin Media One at 9pm, 17th March.