Stuck for ideas to make our lockdown days more fun? Maria Rushe has a big list of suggestions to switch up the routine and feel a little better.

We’re all feeling it aren’t we?

I don’t think there is anyone on this green isle right now who can honestly say that this 87th Lockdown isn’t hurting a bit.

No matter what your own personal situation, everyone is affected.

People are lonely.

People are frustrated.

People are sad.

People are fed up.

And one of the main things that is getting to us at the minute is the feeling of Groundhog Day.

The sameness of every day. The monotony of our weeks. The “Is it Friday Yet-ness” of every other day…

And while we’re all quite good at getting our zoom on and making simple things like putting the bin up a feckin occasion, most of us are just craving something different.

Many of us are looking for an alternative to watching TV these days

The 5k limit is probably the main thing that is suffocating many of us. Anyone I’ve spoken to this week has muttered something about looking forward to the 5k restriction being lifted. Something to look forward to I suppose.

On Thursday, I mentioned how bored I was of the same old same old every day and joked about how I might sleep on the other side of the bed, just to jazz things up a bit. My inbox started to hop. So many of us are feeling the same right now. And for those of us who are parents of young kids, the frustration and impact of this lockdown are beginning to manifest clearly in our little ones too.

They’re not OK. They’re fed up. They miss their friends and their teachers and their Grandparents and their cousins. My usually carefree and wonderful 5 year old has had daily meltdowns for the past 7 days… She doesn’t know what she wants or what is wrong or how to deal with her rollercoasting emotions. And no matter what Mammy here tries, when she starts into those grumpfests, a hug and a distraction just aren’t cutting it.

She’s breaking my heart.

And so I asked for ideas on things we could do easily, safely and within our blasted 5Ks to liven up our daily humdrum.

Here are a few of the answers:

  • Rewatch Bridgerton. (Ok then!)
  • Let the kids make an indoor camp or den and sleepover in it
  • Get dressed up for a day
  • Let the kids pick the routine for a morning/day
  • Pick a different musical soundtrack each day
  • Go in the opposite/different direction on your walk or run
  • Change the time of day you usually go walking or train
  • Set 10 minutes aside to call a friend or relative to say hello
  • Make a list of people you will message or call this week
  • Actually call them! Just say hello.
  • Change the meal-plan if you usually follow one
  • Let the kids do makeup on the grown ups – yes Dads can get involved too!
  • Let the kids choose what you’ll wear for a day
  • Change to a different radio station for a day
  • Browse holiday websites and dream
  • Ice-cream and movie Saturday
  • Have a designated game evening
  • If near a beach, get IN to the water for a dip. Even if just up to your ankles.
  • Wrap up and have a cuppa or lunch outside
  • Order glowsticks and have a rave
  • Choose a day and bake something
  • Have your favourite takeaway
  • Glam night – get dollied up and pretend you’re in a fancy restaurant
  • Zoom catch up with friends or work colleagues or whoever you are NOT seeing
  • Move some furniture around. Or rearrange the kitchen presses.
  • Read for 10 minutes just before going to sleep. Not looking at the phone before bed helps with the insomnia many are experiencing
Get baking

I’m sure you could all add more. I’d love to see them. And there are definitely a few on this list that I’ll be trying in the coming weeks.

Let me know what you’d add!