There’s a lovely feeling in Patrick Gildea Hairdressing this week – Christmas music softly plays on the speakers, but above the tunes I could hear little comments from guests.

“It’s just so good to be out again.”

“It’s great to see other people.”

“I needed this.”

That first trip back to the hair salon after Level Five is both a mission and a treat. There are home haircuts to be mended, roots to be covered and necessary maintenance.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve definitely been less motivated about my hair in the past two months. When your only outing is grocery shopping in a mask, what’s the point?

It was only two weeks ago, when talk of lockdown lifting started, that I launched into refreshing things. I bought myself the System Professional Hydrate Gift Set and started to be motivated about having healthy hair again. The salon experience couldn’t come soon enough.

Before and After

“I deserve to feel good about myself in these uncertain times” – that’s what one guest told Patrick Gildea this week.

After the year that it was – we all do!

My appointment on Thursday was for half-head highlights and a cut with talented stylist Claudia. I went in with the intention of getting face-framing highlights. It was only after talking to Patrick that I realised why.

The Covid Effect

Did you realise that the pandemic is changing how we style our hair?

Patrick explained the effects that face coverings and working from home have had on hair: “People are spending their days with their faces covered and having their meetings on Zoom, so it’s important to people that their hair looks good. People are focusing on themselves on the screen more and are more conscious of how they look.

“The mask also takes away half of our face. We are looking at ourselves and seeing only the eyes and the hair around our face. Here in the salon we’re also seeing the ‘Covid Fringe’. We are cutting fringes shorter and softer, lifting it up so you can see more of the eyes.”
Above all, we are simply wanting to feel better.

“I feel no matter who you are or no matter what age, there is an appreciation of having our hair look good so we feel good,” Patrick says.

With Zoom and Facetime putting an emphasis on our appearance from a portrait point of view, it turns out that more of us are looking at the colouring, framing and cut of our hair from this perspective.

My hair colour today comprised of highlights, concentrated near my face, with a smoky toner to add gloss and depth.

Other guests, Patrick says, are choosing a bolder colour and placement colour, while a lot of clients are transitioning to grey and getting colours or lowlights that enhance grey and add sparkle. Honeys remain popular while softer blondes are a more common choice now for those who want lower maintenance colour.

For me, a fresh cut and colour really does wonders for lifting how I feel. And I think that long-awaited salon visit is going to be an early Christmas present for many more women this month.

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