If you are looking to make healthier choices in the run-up to Christmas, gym owner Emmet Rushe has this guide to the festive coffees with the highest calories - Moderation is Key!

One thing that is very popular at this time of year is the Christmas themed coffees. 

These usually are coffees at all and are Christmas flavoured Hot Chocolates that people love at this time of year. 

This year has taken away the pleasure of sitting down with friends and enjoying one while out for the Christmas shopping. 

But, you can still get the take away versions and they have the same effect on your waistline as the one you sit in to drink. 

Emmet Rushe holding 1,000 calories worth of Christmas treats

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So, we are going to rank the Top 5 Christmas coffees for you by their calories. 

As with everything that tastes amazing. The ones that taste the best ALWAYS have the highest number of calories. 

So, here they are in order of ranking. 


    This is a Christmas favourite. 

    Costas Gingerbread Latte. 

    This is hugely popular over the festive period and for good reason.  ?

    It tastes great. 

    But, this does come at a cost, and that cost is almost 400 calories. The full breakdown is below.  
    323 calories
    34.7g of carbs 
    24.2g of sugar 
    14.9g of fat. 

    While this isn’t the highest by any means, it is still the same calories as a small lunchtime meal.  

  2. Gingerbread Frappachino

    As I only drink coffee in Starbucks. I didn’t know there was a difference between a Gingerbread latte and a Gingerbread Frappachino. 

    Turns out there is almost 100 calories of a difference

    The Gingerbread Frappachino comes in at 480 calories while the gingerbread latte comes in at 392 calories.

    The carbs and sugar are almost DOUBLE of the latte also. 
    Coming in at 80g carbs and 79g sugar, compared to 42g carbs and 39g sugar in the latte. 

    Your full breakdown for the Starbucks Gingerbread Frappachino is:
    480 calories
    80g of carbs 
    79g of sugar 

  3.  Costa Coffee Billionaire Hot Chocolate

    This is one of the most popular ones for this time of year.
    That is for good reason, because if you like hot chocolate drinks, this ticks all the boxes. 

    It tastes amazing and that is for good reason.

    Coming in at 528 calories with 63g of carbs and 52g of sugar

    It is a whopper to say the least compared to the first two drinks. 

    If you are still planning on treating yourself, go for a small to save yourself some calories and try and leave the muffin for another time. 
  1. Café Neró’s Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. 

    Again, it’s another seemingly innocent Christmas themed drink and you wouldn’t think it could do that much damage. 

    This is the thing with drinks, people tend to underestimate the calories a drink can have.

    A large version of this comes in at 623 calories and has 82.5g of carbs. 

    77.7g of this is sugar and has 25g of fat also.

    As with most of these drinks, if you are planning to have one and you are worried about your waist, choose the small version every time.

  2. Costa’s Hot chocolate with everything on it.

    We look at Costa Coffee Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Whipped cream. 

    Basically, it’s the works. 

    Everything is on this and it is the ultimate indulgence for the Christmas period.

    Unfortunately, the calories show just how indulgent it is.  

    This come in with the highest number of calories out if all the drinks I looked at.  

    Coming in at; 

    750 calories 
    87.4g of carbs 
    68.5g of sugar 
    34.2g of fat 

    If you were to have a Christmas Muffin along with this, you’d be taking in over a thousand calories for a snack. 

There you have it. The top 5 Christmas themed drinks, that are the highest in calories.

Could you make them fit into your diet? 

Anything is possible, but you wouldn’t be indulging too often on this if you were looking to weight maintain your weight a bit over the festive period.  

Again, as with everything, moderation is key, so just be aware of the amount of calories these drinks could have. 

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