If you've been filling your missing gym time with only walks, Emmet Rushe says it's time to get the full body going again.

We are two weeks into this second lockdown and THIS TIME it is a very different affair. 

This lockdown is very different from the last one;

Gone are the long evenings
Gone is the good weather
Gone is the heat and the Summer sun. 

With the gym being closed it is easy to say to yourself that you will just do some cardio and head out walking, jogging or running. 

But your plans of heading out for a walk instead of your usual gym sessions may be a distant memory due to the weather and dark evenings. 

Even if the weather was good, just walking, jogging, or running on their own isn’t optimal if you are a previous gym goer. 

Cardio alone is great for your heart and lungs, but it misses out on the majority of the body when it comes to training muscles. 

You are working your lower body, mainly your quads, with very little of the hamstrings or glutes being worked. 

You are missing out on the majority of the rest of your body when you only do cardio.

  • Little to no core being worked
  • Little to no upper body muscles being worked 
  • Little to no strength being worked
  • Your muscle tone will also suffer if you are only doing cardio. 

Before we get further into this, I am not saying that any of the above cardio are useless and you should not be doing them. 

There are many benefits to doing cardio and I always suggest that everyone should be doing some form of it. 

But, if you have been a regular gym goer, you won’t be getting the same benefits from cardio alone as you were from your regular gym sessions.


This is where your home workouts can bridge the gap. 

Listen, I know it’s not the same as being in the gym, but you know what, it’s better than doing nothing.  

You know what else, it’s also better than just doing cardio on its own. 

And if you are looking to stay in shape, you should be doing a mix of both throughout the week. 

One of the main reasons you should be doing some resistance training is the benefits of resistance training don’t last as long as cardio when you stop.

You could stop cardio now and the benefits you have gained won’t start to diminish until a month after you have stopped. 

But with resistance training, the benefits you have built up will start to diminish after a few weeks. 

So, stopping altogether for the 6 weeks of this lockdown isn’t the thing to do if you want to keep some of your strength and muscle tone you have worked so hard to build up. 

If you are always doing cardio and have never added in any resistance training, you should be doing it.

Adding in 2-3 resistance training session per week will also help build up the muscles you aren’t working during your cardio sessions, which will help to prevent injury and keep your knees and hips healthy so you can become a stronger, faster runner and walker. 

There are no downsides to doing it, it’s just about making the time to get it done. 

Adding in 2 sessions at home to focus on these will help you to keep your strength and muscle tone and also doing a mix of resistance training AND cardio is the best way to keep in shape and stay healthy.  

They don’t have to be long and you can train the full body in each session like we do with our Rushe Fitness Live members.

The main thing is to start getting them done. 

So, if you’re just going for walk or runs, that’s great. 

But you need to know that you aren’t doing enough to keep your full body training.  

So, if you have previously been training at a gym and they are offering home workouts for you and you haven’t started to do them yet, now is the time to get going.  

You will be in a much better place when the gyms reopen on December 1st and you won’t feel like you are starting all over again. 

So put your excuses to the side and get yourself set up and start getting your home sessions in.  

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from doing it, so let’s get started and let’s stay healthy and happy.

With Halloween coming to a close, you can now focus on getting in shape for Christmas which is only 8 weeks away. 

Our gym will reopen on December 1st, but until then you can join us online at Rushe Fitness Live and stay in shape from home.
You can sign up now through the link below.