Fans of Derry Girls are in for a treat this week as the popular ‘Talking Derry Girls’ podcast series welcomes a very special guest.

The one and only Lisa McGee, creator of Derry Girls, features as the first ever guest on the hilarious series.

The special episode was released last night and you can tune in here:

Talking Derry Girls has been a sleeper hit of lockdown. Started in May by three friends from Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland, Pauline Moore, Jeanie Messenger and Marie Louise Muir use Channel 4 comedy smash hit series Derry Girls as a backdrop to talk about their own lives growing up and working in the city.

Despite now living in different parts of the UK, and recording remotely
from their homes, the trio’s chemistry has been widely commented on and
has seen the podcast downloaded in the UK, USA and Canada and other
parts of the world.

When the friends discovered that the writer and creator of Derry Girls Lisa McGee was big fan of the podcast, there was only one thing they could do … once they stopped screaming – invite her to be a guest.

Lisa McGee says the Talking Derry Girls podcast is like over-hearing
a conversation between friends. But while she loves it, she found
herself thinking on more than one occasion: “Oh for !!**?? sake I could have used that, that and that!

So when the Derry Girls movie comes along, Lisa jokes that she’ll be
contacting the Talking Derry Girls trio to tell them she’s stealing some of
their stories and not to sue her! Pauline Moore quipped that they’d be ok
with that, in exchange for a cameo as customers in Dennis’s Wee Shop.

Lisa also talks openly about why she wrote the series with teen girls
to the fore, having rarely seen female voices leading in sit-coms.

Lisa reveals that she’s always on set and is strict about the script being
delivered word for word. The only person allowed the odd ad-lib is
Tommy Tiernan, the brilliant Dublin comedy actor and stand-up.
Other behind the scenes tales include the hilarity caused by Kevin McAleer as Uncle Colm.

You don’t have to be from Derry or even a girl to enjoy the fun of these podcasts, just listen and subscribe on: