If you want to change jobs or start something brand new, don't be afraid to dream big, writes Career Coach Deirdre Mulhern.

Attention! Attention! 

It’s never too late to try something new or to re-discover an old passion of yours.

It’s never too late to make changes, big or small, to your life or career path.

Age is just a number. It’s as simple as that. 

If anything it is an advantage to enter into a new venture when you are a little bit older as you will carry with you more wisdom, life experience, work experience and a deeper understanding and knowledge of what interests you, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It is said that we gain more confidence as we age and usually have a better grasp of how the world works. 

While ‘something new’ looks very different and unique to each individual, here are just a few examples of well-known people that flourished well after their 20s: Author J. K. Rowling was 32 when her first Harry Potter book was published. Jan Koum founded Whatsapp at the age of 33. Twitter founder created the social media platform at the age of 34. Asa Candler founded Coca-Cola at the age of 42. Adidas founder released the sportswear clothing giant at the age of 49. Ray Kroc was 52 when he founded Mc Donald’s. Bank of America founder was 60 when he founded the financial powerhouse. These are to name but a few for inspiration.

In five years time you will be telling yourself the same nonsense ‘It’s too late, I should have done it 5 years ago when I thought I was old.’

Can you see yourself in your dream career?

In my coaching consultancy I meet with so many clients who have numerous passions and talents that they allow to disappear without a trace. Maybe their passion was not considered a solid or traditional career choice for whatever reason. I always tell my clients that this should not sway them from continuing to explore this passion, even as a side business or as a hobby. Anything that provides you with so much joy, that you have a clear gift or interest in, should not be discarded so easily. These joys in life should be nurtured as they will give you a sense of positivity, motivation and boost of confidence.

I encourage my clients to be open to new possibilities and meet others with similar interests to them as you just never know what path or opportunities may present themselves from it.

Please do not let your exaggerated perceptions of age stop you from pursuing your desired career or even just testing the waters. Never underestimate your potential and capability. Be your own cheerleader. Not only this, be your BEST cheerleader. 

The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by ...

There is a wonderful book called the 10x Rule, by Grant Cardone, which emphasises the notion that whatever your goal is multiply it by ten. This book identifies that you are where you are now because of the way you are thinking and acting. The concept here is that most people set too modest goals. Myself included!

Our goals are based on beliefs drummed into us by others, who define what constitutes ‘enough’ or what’s realistic. When you set targets that are too low and you reach them, you know it’s not much of an achievement and you feel dissatisfied.

If you set a huge goal (10x) and come up short, you still achieve more than you would have in hitting a lesser goal. 

Finally, hurdles are part and parcel of setting goals and trying out new things but knowing that they are inevitable and accepting that is sometimes half the battle. Do not let one roadblock dissuade you from going for it!

So the moral of the story ladies (and gents) is not to be afraid to dream big. And then dream a little bigger!

Deirdre x

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