This week Emmet has a plank challenge to help us focus on a goal to and share with gym buddies.

Everyone seems to be in a bit of a rut this week.

⁣⁣I’m not sure of it’s the fear of what returning to the new normal will be like, or whether we’re all just waiting hard to get back to full normality and it’s causing a bit of anxiety.

Whatever it is, you can see that people need something to focus their minds.

There’s nothing like a challenge to do that and it’s even better when it has a fitness element to get everyone moving and to keep the body working. Our Rushe Fitness Live members love a good challenge, so we’re sharing this one with all of you. ⁣⁣

This 30 day plank challenge will give you a daily challenge to aim towards, that will see you through the next 4 weeks. ⁣⁣

Where other challenges tend to fall down is the fast jumps between day one and day 30.

This plank challenge has been planned out for a slower progression through the times and also has set rest days added in to allow a bit of recovery, so you can move to the next part of the challenge even stronger.

Don’t try and jump days that may seem too easy at the beginning. That’s a great way for fatigue to set in later on in the challenge and your rest days may not do what they are supposed to do for your recovery.

Also, don’t skip your rest days. No matter how appealing it may seem to test yourself. rest days are as important as your training days, so use them when they are scheduled to be used.

Challenges are something that we use regularly to keep our Rushe Fitness Live members motivated.

They are a great way to give you something to aim towards each day and break the boredom that can come from being in lockdown and socially distanced.

Get involved and share with your gym buddies.

Who loves a challenge?

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