Our beauty columnist Lynda Strain talks to top makeup influencer Caolann McCauley about the glamour of his career and overcoming obstacles.

I am delighted to be featuring another close friend of mine from the world of makeup. Caolann is not only amazingly talented he is quirky; fun loving and will let nothing stop him from achieving his dreams. So to all of you who have a dream and are experiencing blocks throughout the way, read Caolann’s story and I hope it will give you the push you need to go for it. 

Love Lynda x

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Hiya girls and guys. My name is Caolann McCauley. I am based just outside of Newry.   I am a social Media Influencer, Content Creator & Professional Makeup Artist specialising in Glam and Editorial Makeup. 

How long are you working in the Makeup Industry?

My Career began back in 2016, like everybody else with a rusty makeup brush and a dream. A dream that would take me on amazing opportunities, meet creative individuals and get recognised as an industry professional, now don’t believe everything you hear, it wasn’t easy and there were many tears, heart breaks and complications along the way but I overcame all the adversity and I truly believe that all of this has shaped me into the person and artist that I am today.

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Who inspires you the most in the world of Makeup?

My top inspiration would have to be Aaron Toland @makeupbyaaron. Aaron is a professional Makeup Artist like myself and has previously worked for the Makeup Pro Store. I have known him for a number of years and I can thankfully say that we have become great friends. I admire his unbelievable talent. 

My next inspiration would have to be Antionia Gallagher @colour_me_bootiful.  Toni has been such an amazing friend to me also.  I love her talent, passion and honesty and that has truly opened my own eyes.

Some of my other inspirations include Lord Cyna @lordchyna, Sinead Hegarty @sineadheg and LMD @louisemcdonnell for their talent, drive, and determination.

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Your biggest achievement to date?

Launching my own brand of Eyelashes in 2016 and more recently forming my own events company “The Irish Masterclass”.

What does the future hold for Caolann McCauley Makeup?

I have many exciting things planned in the upcoming months.  I am excited to announce that I am bringing two of the UK’s Top Makeup Artists to Belfast for a one-off Makeup extravaganza so watch out for dates on social media.  Word on the street has it perhaps I might be launching a new product but that’s all I will say for now and also the possibility of a new business venture, but this could all be hear say!

What are your top products?

Amelia Alice Palette from Lynda Strain Makeup, especially the blush it is to die for!

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The CMB F1 Foundation Brush is another firm favourite of mine! It is the only brush that I use to do my makeup and I have used it in the video. It truly is a God send!

Finally LMD Remastered Palette from BPerfect Cosmetics is definitely a firm favourite of mine!  I also use the Plouise 108 Honey.

Special Discount:

www.lyndastrainmakeup.com Use the code Caolann to get 20% OFF Amelia Alice 

My First Experience in the Makeup Industry

I also want to thank Lynda for this amazing opportunity to showcase my talent in another part of the world! I first met Lynda back in 2014 and since then we clicked.  I looked upon Lynda as a second Mammy.  She always gave me the best advise and never sugar coated it.  What at times is exactly what I needed and played an extremely important role in my career of forming me to become the Artist I am today. 

Lynda was the first Makeup Artist to take me on and give me a chance in the Industry that I so desperately fought to get into.  She gave me that opportunity and she opened the door, I walked in and she never closed it.  I am truly forever grateful to Lynda for those 6 years. Thank you Lynda, my loyalty stands with you, always.

Thank you all for reading a little bit about me and if you want a little bit more then head over to Instagram and “give us a shout” @caolannmccauley. Check out my makeup tutorial for all of you readers of Donegal Woman.

Keep Safe, Caolann x

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”

Audrey Hepburn