Emmet invites Maria, the other half of Rushe Fitness, to take over this week's column for an important message about body positivity.

Myself and Maria are helping people to stay fit and healthy in our Rushe Fitness Live classes each day and we always preach the importance of being positive about yourself and our current situation.

With so many of us being online more than ever, it is important to know that what you see, may not be what the reality is.

Over to Maria:


Ok… ⁣This has been a brewing ladies. ⁣ ⁣

I am done.⁣
I’m done with the notion that we should all look a certain way. ⁣⁣And I’m done with hearing women dismiss themselves as less than the woman who they feel looks better than them.⁣⁣

We are not all the same. ⁣
We all look different. ⁣
We’ve all had our own journey.⁣⁣
We all have our jiggly bits, especially those of us who are beyond our post-teen years. ⁣#damnyoutime?
There is NO standardized shape or size that we HAVE to be. ⁣⁣Especially if you’ve recently had a baby.
Let your body recover fully before you worry about weight.⁣❤

I’m almost 5 years postpartum btw. Yip. 5 YEARS… my body has changed completely. And that’s fine. It’s MY body. It works for me.

⁣I’m almost 40.⁣
I’ve had two huge pregnancies.
⁣I’ve had two c-sections. ⁣
I’ve had a permanent pouch since.⁣
I train 5 or 6 days a week.⁣
I’m fit and strong. ⁣
I eat well most of the time. ⁣
My skin on my tummy looks like a snail has tracked a map of the London Underground! ?⁣⁣

Yes, I can twist and pose and hold to create angles for photographs. We ALL do that. ⁣⁣We ALL have a smile, or pose, or go-to stand for photographs…a good side if you will. ⁣⁣
Guess what?
We’ve been doing THAT since long before Instagram. ?⁣⁣

I hope that you can see that you are you.
You are under no obligation to look like someone else. ⁣⁣And of course, it’s my job to help people to get in and stay in the “shape” they want to be in.
But it’s THEIR choice to come to train and it’s done in a healthy and sustainable way… ⁣⁣I strive to look and feel a certain way.

⁣⁣But always remember that even those sculpted Goddesses you see bronzed and “perfect” have their own insecurities…and probably their own jiggly bits too. ⁣⁣And you do whatever YOU need or want to do to feel your best you.

⁣⁣Embrace your jiggly bits. ⁣They belong to you.⁣ No one else.⁣

Just like mine belong to ME and don’t require your opinion.⁣

⁣So, once again, sing it loud…⁣ ♬Don’t feel s%$t about your jiggly bits ♬
Maria x


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