WHEN Ballybofey woman Mariea Doherty-McGinty pinned a teddy bear to the fence outside her home, little did she think she was starting a cuddly Covid craze!

Initially, Mariea says she put out a large teddy bear as her unique show of solidarity with front-line staff who drive pass her house every day.

All of a sudden, Mariea – the owner of Mama Bear Parties – has seen the number swell and the fence of her Drennan home is packed with teddy bears, as local passers-by have added to the collection.

Photo: Mama Bear Parties

“It has just kept growing,” Maria told Donegal Daily.

“It is unreal the ripple effect this has had and how fast it has grown. The fence has filled up fast and people are messaging so often about it, saying how it has helped brighten up their day. It just started off with one large teddy bear and it has taken off so much.”

Photo: Mama Bear Parties

Locals who are out for their exercise have stopped by to add a cuddly toy and others from afar have also been in touch on Facebook.

Maria said: “People are messaging saying how they wish they could bring their children to see it.

“A lot of nurses and healthcare people who pass by every day have been in touch to say it has made them smile – and that was just what I wanted at the start; just to do something fun that would brighten someone up.”

While local motorists going to and from work have stopped to take pictures and see the display, Maria has stressed for people to abide by the lockdown measures in order that normality will return sooner rather than later.