Interior Designer Anne Tuohy has easy solutions to many parts of the home that cause tension.

1. Things that are broken need to be fixed

Watch out for things that are broken or just not working properly. Whether it’s a drawer that is overstuffed and jammed, a loose door handle, a leaking tap or a stiff window handle, these things will wear you down subconsciously, and drain your natural energy. Multiply this by many items and you will appreciate the full impact of it.

Make a list of the things that bug you the most, and do a Google or YouTube search to find the solution.

You might be very pleasantly surprised to find out how easily you will fix everything.

WD40 might just become your new best friend!

2. Anything that has a negative association needs to go

You may not realise this, but your memories and life experiences are hanging from your walls and physically present in your furniture and homewares.

If you have experienced a period in your life where you were unhappy or under stress, then some items in your home will subconsciously remind you of these difficult times, and these negative reminders can drain you.

Be mindful of anything in your home that has a negative association, and get rid of it.  In life, we should only surround ourselves with those who uplift us, in our home we should do the same, and let go of the memories and things that bring us down.

This is one surefire way to ensure a calm and happy home.

3. Clutter is robbing you of peace and serenity

Clutter creates tension and chaos, whether it is an untidy room, a cupboard or drawer ready to burst open, or a desk strewn with paper. It weighs you down mentally and physically, and you will never achieve a calm home untill you deal with it.

Make a plan, carry it out room by room, be ruthless and get rid of everything that you do not love or use. Springtime is always the best time of year to do this, and now you have time available, so don’t put if off any longer. 

Trust me, you will quickly tame this beast, and be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

4. Be aware of your lighting, it could well be dragging you down

Inadequate lighting and too much overhead lighting have been proven to affect your general mood and wellbeing.

If necessary, replace your bulbs with warm lights, which mimic natural light. You can get these in LED as well.

Blue light tones can negatively impact your mood, your energy levels and even your appetite.

You can layer up your lighting too, by using dimmer switches, wall lights, and lamp lighting. I do this all the time.

Photo by Anne Tuohy, Room Junkie

5. You may be missing items of furniture that you didn’t realise you needed

Do you have a side table, or a coffee table beside your chair.  to set your coffee cup on? Or do you just leave it on the floor where it might accidentally get knocked over?

Instead of going without that table, (and inviting plenty of accidents), think about small pieces of furniture and accessories that can have multiple uses, and don’t take up much space. At the moment, you can probably borrow these items from another room.

Consider getting an upholstered ottoman that you can put your feet up on, where you can also place a tray, turning it into a coffee table to safely hold your drink. It can also be used as additional seating.

If your sofa is uncomfortable, or your back needs some additional lumbar support, you can add some extra cushions. If you fill them with a filler that is two inches bigger than your cushion cover, you will create the most plump, luxurious cushions for yourself. Cocoon yourself in luxury.

You can also add soft, cozy comfort by layering your sofa with a tactile throw.

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