Tempted to do some DIY these days? Check out Interior Designer Anne Tuohy's four step plan for successful painting first:

Hello everyone.

It’s so hard to believe that it’s the weekend again. The weeks really are rolling by, as we continue our lockdown at home and do our best to cope during these uncertain days. 

Without doubt, the activities that are giving me the best lift during the week are my daily Facebook Live videos at 3pm. I’m just loving the interaction with everyone and the sharing of information. It is such a positive place to be, and I would love you to join us. It is certainly proving to be the highlight of my day.

Anne Tuohy’s Room Junkie live videos are on Facebook every weekday.

This week’s most popular video was all about painting furniture, kitchen presses, timber ceilings and fireplace surrounds.

You can watch the live video here below.  My top tips for undertaking a painting project that you can do yourself at home right now. 

4 very simple steps to successful painting

Wash down the item to be painted with sugar soap, rinse off and dry. Remove any hardware.  

Use a medium grade sponge sander to key the surface, clean off the dust with a tack cloth.

Use an appropriate primer like Zinsser’s BIN or Bullseye 123 primer. Apply two light coats, lightly sanding between coats.

Apply two coats of eggshell or satinwood paint, using a combination of a paint brush and mini roller, sanding between coats.

For more detailed instructions, you can watch the video here.

Stay safe, and if you have any topic that will help you in your own home, please let me know.

Anne xx