‘Team Penneys’ has been praised for making a kind gesture to bring smiles to patients at Letterkenny University Hospital.

Over 200 care packages were delivered to LUH this week, packed with useful gifts from the store at Letterkenny Shopping Centre.

With the store temporarily closed, fifteen staff members volunteered their time to make up bags of essential items. Many more team members were eager to help out, but the number was kept to a minimum to maintain social distancing. 

Socks, pyjamas, underwear, wipes, tracksuit bottoms, T-shirts, sweets, chocolates flip flops, toiletries and many more items were sorted by size and organised into packs for men and women.

Photo: Style Makes Cents LK
Photo: Style Makes Cents LK

The goodwill initiative was funded by Penneys Ireland as part of their ‘Thank You’ support for people affected by COVID-19 and frontline staff.

With no visiting permitted at Letterkenny University Hospital, the care packs will go a long way to bring comfort to patients at this time.

The Penneys team are also grateful to Community Policing Members Garda Hardiman and Garda McGrath, who assisted managers with the delivery of the care packs on Wednesday.

Letterkenny Community Policing Members Garda Hardiman and Garda Mc Grath were delighted to facilitate the delivery to LUH. Photo: Style Makes Cents LK

The care project has been widely praised by both the local community and management at LUH.

A Facebook post from the Penneys Letterkenny team said: “The Secretary of the General Manager of LUH phoned this evening and expressed the hospital’s thanks for the generous delivery that was donated by Penneys. She also wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped put the care packs together. She also informed us that patients had already started to make use of the packs and the goodwill feeling for the team at Penneys in the hospital is massive.”