Donegal-based makeup artist Lynda Strain has inspiration for adding positivity through splashes of colour in our makeup.

I hope that everyone is keeping well and adhering to the stay at home rule. 

We are experiencing difficult times, some more than others. I want to thank personally all the brave people who serve us at this time, may you keep safe and strong.

I think we all need to help each other stay positive so I am sharing some of my vibrant makeup looks.

Love Lynda x

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul


Beauty Blush – Passion – Vibrance

Angel – Starstruck – Hottie

The Fayeeye Collection: Navy – Orange – Yellow

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy can be applied to every aspect of our lives, such as our clothes, home interiors, makeup and jewellery. Different colours have different influences on our moods and mindset. Colour Therapy books are a wonderful way also to promote mindfulness and help us relax and unwind.  Below are the positive effects of the colours that I have shared with you today.

Yellow: Cheerful, Energising and helps create optimism.

Orange: Warm, Inviting and can create a sense of happiness.

Navy: Rejuvenating, Energising and can aid vitality.

Pink: Romantic, Gentle, Feminine and loving.

Coral: Bright & Dynamic combining colours of a lively orange and a soothing pink.

Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways

Oscar Wilde