A positive clothing range from Donegal is bringing smiles to quarantine days thanks to its uplifting colour palette and messages.

Stay Hopeful, Be Kind, Be Positive and Love Your Planet are some of the phrases that define the mood of All Things Fiona-Lily.

Founded by Ballyshannon eco-cafe owner Fiona McIntyre, the brand has already become a staple of people’s ‘quar wardrobes’ as they opt for comfy feel-good clothes while in isolation.

All Things Fiona-Lily

The ATFL crewnecks, t-shirts, socks and bags are all sourced from end of line stock and saved from landfill. Fiona plasters them in bright bold colours and slogans.

Fiona tells DW how she is happy to be making an impact by improving moods through colour.

“I think we can all agree when you see something bright and colourful we tend to feel lifted and smile,” she said.

“These messages I have been receiving over the past weeks are nothing but people sharing their love for the colourful little brand and even saying that they see others on the evening 2km walks reading their jumpers and smiling!”

Fiona uses ‘colour therapy’ when choosing her designs, she explains:

“It’s a fascinating study and treatment for anxiety, depression and SAD syndrome (seasonal affective disorder) using cooler colours like the pastel blues and baby pinks are known to give the wearer feelings of relaxation and calmness which is something I think we all need in the current Covid-19 climate. 

“While warmer colours like reds, oranges and yellows give the feelings of safety, power, happiness, self-confidence and joy!”

Fiona McIntyre, Simply Green Cafe Ballyshannon

All Things Fiona-Lily was heavily influenced by Fiona’s break away from fast fashion.

She has always been big on creating pretty visual images in her work as a Visual Merchandiser or working with fashion brands over the years. When it came to her own clothes she was always painting, dying or drawing on tees, jumpers and more.

Fiona says: “I’ve always been crazy about colour and what colour does for people’s state of mind.”

Coming from a very eco-conscious upbringing it wasn’t long until Fiona started looking into the fashion industry she found herself working in, sadly her research on the impact of fast fashion was not only devastating to her but also the planet. Within a year Fiona had moved from a well paid Visual Merchandiser job to working in the vintage clothing sector, learning where and how to locate stock. 

Fiona adds: “This idea of sourcing something that already existed stuck with me and over the last nine months I’ve used my contacts to source end of line or slightly faulty stock that otherwise wouldn’t be used – resulting in the clothing heading for landfill or worse. “

She also set up Donegal’s first zero-waste cafe, Simply Green, which focuses on reusing and recycling.

Sustainability and smiles are the goals for all aspects of Fiona’s businesses, and thanks to online sales rising at All Things Fiona-Lily, the positive influence can still be shared far and wide.