Do you have small rooms that feel cramped as we stay at home? Interior Designer Anne Tuohy has three new tips to help:

To say that we are living through the most challenging and unprecedented times is an absolute understatement.

Many of us are practising self isolation with our families in fairly confined spaces, which is challenging, but necessary.

Here are three things that you can do right now, to help you make the best of a small space, and one thing that I have committed to do, to help you get through these uncertain times.

1. Bring in the light

Let your light stream into your kitchen and living spaces. Pull your curtains and blinds as far back as possible. If privacy is not an issue, I would remove them completely, as I have done here.

Never in our lives have we needed brightness and sunshine to flood our lives. This will improve our mood and our mental health, and you can do this right now.

2. Make it cosy

Embrace a cosier, simpler lifestyle.

Bring your seating closer together, and take it a little more into the middle of the room.  Add a rug, and pile on loads of cushions and tactile throws or sheepskins. Layer your lighting, use table lamps and light candles for relaxation.

Clear all the clutter, light the fire and you will instantly create a super welcoming and supportive space.

3. Hang a large mirror

Borrow a large mirror from elsewhere in your home, and hang it over a sofa or opposite your living room window.

This will have a two fold effect. It will make your room seem much bigger, and it will also bounce additional light around, creating a much brighter, more uplifting feeling.

My gift to you

Two weeks ago, I made a commitment to record a FaceBook Live video every day at 3pm, Monday to Friday on my Room Junkie Facebook Page.

Each day, I will cover a new home and design related topic, to help you easily improve your home during this time, and to teach you new design skills that you can use as you you plan new projects when we come out of this chaotic time. I also answer your live questions.

I simply wanted to do something to inspire and distract, and I think it’s working.

In the first week, these videos reached 20,000 people, and I am just blown away by the heartfelt messages that I am getting back. Here are two that I got today, but there have been hundreds.

” I just love your 3pm sessions Anne, although it’s usually evening time that I get to sit down and watch the replay, with a nice glass of wine. We are building a new home, so your timing is perfect”  Aisling.(Wicklow)

” I am loving your live videos everyday. I feel they are keeping me focused on design and interiors. I could listen to you all day. .” Maura (Cork)

Many people are saying that these lives are the highlight of their day, as they are mine too. I have made a promise to keep them going every single day, till covid 19 is no more, and we can all celebrate together.

In the meantime join me weekdays at 3pm if you can, and the replay is available forever. If there is any topic at all that will help you in your home, just leave a message below and I will cover it for you.

Here is a link to the Room Junkie Facebook Page, and I really look forward to catching up with you next week. It’s a bit of fun too.

Stay safe.
Anne xxx