Donegal mum Maria Rushe shares a special poem for everyone with their own worries at this time.


Two little sisters played on the beach
And just when their parents had stepped out of reach,
Wee Sis asked Big Sis in quiet hushed words,
“What’s going on Sis? What’s wrong with the world?

Everything’s changed in the last few days.
It seems like all that we do now is play.  
I miss my school teachers and I miss going to school.
I miss all my friends and I don’t feel too cool.

What happened to dancing, gymnastics and drama?
I just want to cuddle my Granny and Granda.
It’ lovely that Mammy and Daddy are here
It’s nice, and I like it, but it’s getting weird.

So what’s going on Sis, what’s wrong with the world? 
I know something’s up but I don’t have the words.
I don’t like to see all our grown ups so sad
They say it’s OK, but I know something’s bad.”

The Big sister listened and squeezed her hand tight,
And she thought of how she could make all of this right.
For she was scared too and it all felt disastrous,
She missed all her friends and her teacher and classes. 

But she closed her eyes tight and for answers she longed,
To share with her sister and make them feel strong
And just as she was going to say “I don’t know”
A voice on the wind whispered into her soul.

It tickled her ears and it kissed her cold face
And suddenly everything fell into place.

She turned to her sister, she pushed back her hair,
And started to speak words she magically heard…
“The world has gone funny, and everything’s changed
But it won’t last forever, it’s only a phase.

We’ve gone from being busy and rushing and spinning
To not going anywhere, morning or evening.
Mammy and Daddy, who work all they’re able,
Are still working hard, from the one kitchen table.

And yes there’s a virus and yes, it is scary, 
But if we stay home and if everyone’s wary
We’ll hopefully stop it from getting too massive,
And the Doctors and heroes will manage to smash it.

So don’t you be worried, just know there are reasons
And this too will pass, it’s simply a season.
When all this is over, when all of this ends
We’ll get back to normal, We’ll play with our friends.

We’ll go back to our classes and have lots of fun, 
Have parties and playdates and hug our loved ones. 
We just have to trust that the grown ups have got this,
And that they’ll do everything they can to protect us.”

Then Mammy’s voice called to them  ”Girls, time to go!”
And they looked at each other, and they smiled in the know
That they would have lots of adventures together
On beaches, in sunshine, or in rainy weather.

They ran to their Daddy and called to their Mum
And as they were running, the clouds showed the sun.
For nature can comfort the fears that we’re feeling
And breezes keep whistling their secrets and healing;

And all of your worries will soon disappear
Like the wind on the faces of two little girls.

Maria Rushe 
March 2020