The gyms might be closed, but Maria and Emmet are bringing the workouts to everyone, for free!

Last weekend, like so many businesses, Rushe Fitness was forced to close its doors to the public. 

Emmet and Maria made the decision to close in order to curtail the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 and to ensure the safety of their clients.  

“After a few days of shock, we decided that sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves was going to help no one,” said owner Emmet Rushe.

“While our members were incredibly supportive of our decision, many of them voiced their disappointment that they wouldn’t be able to train.  So we decided that if they couldn’t come to the gym that we’d bring their workouts to them.” 

Rushe Fitness – at home

“We quickly realised that people need their workout time more than ever in the midst of this crisis, and so we decided that while we wanted to look after our clients in our fitness community, that we would open the classes to everyone.  Thousands of people have lost their jobs overnight. We want to allow everyone, whatever situation they now find themselves in, the chance to get a daily workout guided by qualified instructors.”

Every morning at 10am, Emmet and Maria are streaming a training session from their kitchen, live to anyone who wants to join in.  The stream is on Facebook and on Instagram.

“Our first session on Monday saw around 300 join in.  People are doing the workouts in their living rooms and many are getting their kids involved and we’ve even had people training with us from isolation in Gran Canaria” said Maria.

“People are making it part of their daily routine and if we can contribute to people who are suddenly isolated, feeling that they are part of something, we are happy.  We might be socially separated, but we can still be together.” 

Everyone is welcome to take part in these classes.  Just open our Facebook and Instagram page at 10am and join in the movement.