A new online diary has been started this week to help people share their thoughts and feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entitled Hope agus Story, the diary contains entries from people, often anonymous, expressing their emotions during this uncertain time.

From fear to loneliness, hope to humour, the stories are real-life accounts of people coping with the sudden upheaval of coronavirus and self-isolation. 

The page was set up just three days ago by Letterkenny woman Sally Murphy, a communications agent who specialises in storytelling for business and leadership.

I set this page up because I felt totally overwhelmed and despondent with what was happening. So I started to write how I felt and it occurred to me that other people might want to do the same.

– Sally Murphy, Hope agus Story

Sally herself felt overwhelmed by the current events, so she started to write down her thoughts and suddenly created the outlet she was looking for herself. She invited others to contribute, and stories have been flying in since then.

Sally Murphy – Murphy Communcations

“This is a living diary of these extraordinary times,” Sally tells Donegal Woman.

“I’m amazed by how many people are tuning in and liking it. It’s completely free. It’s a space for people to share their human emotions. I also want to document it in some way. I find it so interesting to see how people are responding to everything that’s happening.

“In the middle of the fear, there is the beauty of the human spirit and our feelings – of fear, hope, generosity, sharing and encouragement.”

Hope Agus Story

People reading and sharing in the community are already seeing the benefits as they find they are not alone in their thoughts or feelings.

Stories range from the serious to the ordinary – anxious thoughts from mothers, concerned business owners, a person in recovery dealing with isolation, and a person worried about how to get their nails off with the salon closed. Hope agus Story welcomes all types of stories to the space.

“People are allowed to come as they are, share their story with no judgment, and if they feel different in a few days time they can come back and share again,” Sally says.

Visit the page at: Hope Agus Story

Submission guidelines are included in the first post on the timeline.