Love was in the air at this Donegal hotel

Newry couple Paul and Anna are celebrating their engagement following a very successful surprise balloon-based proposal.

The couple, who have been together for three years, were enjoying a weekend getaway at Lough Eske Castle when Paul popped the question.

Paul and Anna celebrated their engagement at Lough Eske Castle on Sunday – @ingridsballoons

Paul had collaborated with Donegal balloon designer Ingrid Probe over the past two months to ensure the display went down well. He requested a beautiful display in their guest room with hearts and the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ over the bed. 

Proposal at Lough Eske Castle – @ingridsballoons

With the help of the hotel’s Wedding and Engagement Coordinator Maureen Dooher, Ingrid was allowed into Paul and Anna’s room early on Sunday morning to build the display.

“It took me about four hours to set everything up, with a wee bit of help from my partner Fergal” Ingrid told DW.

This is the first proposal for Ingrid’s Balloons, and she pulled out all the stops to have rose petals and heart balloons everywhere – even in the bathtub!

Proposal at Lough Eske Castle – @ingridsballoons
Proposal at Lough Eske Castle – @ingridsballoons

She said: “Paul got in touch with me in January and he had so many lovely ideas. He had everything planned and he sent me photos to attach to the heart balloons. I put in the finishing touches before they arrived at half three.”

The hotel stay was a double surprise for the couple, as it was Paul’s birthday and Anna had called ahead to Lough Eske Castle to have a cake organised.

“Once I knew they were both planning to surprise each other I knew it would be very special,” Ingrid said.

Ingrid could barely contain her excitement yesterday morning, and when the proposal went off without a hitch, she visited the pair again to give them a warm congratulations.

She added: “It was such a nice idea, and hopefully I’ll have more proposals now. Not too many men would be that organised!”

Congratulations to Paul and Anna.