The Donegal Women's Network is celebrating International Women's Day with a creative focus on influential women.

A new display was launched at Simple Simon Donegal Town this week featuring commemorative plates painted by local women.

The plates honour women who have influenced and enrich our everyday lives. They were created by participants of a unique workshop run by the Donegal Women’s Network in February.

The public is invited to visit Simple Simon to view these unique piecesand read about the women who influenced their creation.

On 1st February, NCCWN Donegal Women’s Network held the county’s first Herstory event in support of a national women’s storytelling movement to tell the stories of women past and present.

The event brought women together to share stories through a creative process and created a space to reflect on the importance of ensuring women’s everyday lives, contributions and stories are both told and included in our history. Julie Griffiths, an Artist and facilitator from Donegal Changemakers lead the ‘Mighty Women’ workshop on the day.

The NCCWN-Donegal Women’s Network said: “We would like take this opportunity to thank all the woman who participated in this event, the stories their shared are inspiring and highlight why it’s so important women’s lives and voices are both valued and heard.

“And to Julie Griffiths and Simple Simon for organising and facilitating the display of these unique plates.

“We invite the community to stop by and see them. ”