MUA Lynda Strain is celebrating the strong ladies in her life this International Women’s Day - plus she has a makeup treat for everyone!

Happy International Women’s Day 

Love Lynda x

Celebrate the power of every woman!

There are two women who helped shape and mould me to be who I am and for this I will be forever grateful.

My Granny Bennett 

An amazing strong lady, who lived to the ripe old age of 92.  A mother of 10, Grandmother to 30, a Great Granny to 50 and a Great, Great Granny to 20. A total of 110 people are part of the Alice Bennett Legacy. Born Alice Henry in 1913 and got married in 1933. Her role was like that of a lot of women in her generation she stayed at home, ran the farm and reared a family. I was blessed along with my brother and sister to have grown up with Granny living with us.   I have no doubt that each and every female in my family will attribute a lot of their good qualities, strength and sense of humour to Granny as I certainly do.

Behind every strong woman is an even stronger woman

My Mum

Just like her mum, a strong amazing lady.  I owe so much to my Mum. Mum will always put everyone else first and is such a kind, compassionate women. 

Mum nursed me through my time with Cancer but always encouraged me to keep my spirits up and make an effort with my makeup as she knew if I looked better I would feel better and so the seed was planted for what would be my “Look Good, Feel Good Workshops” aimed to help and empower women who are dealing with Cancer. 

My Mum faced her own troubles, by being knocked down in a hit and run outside of our house just before Christmas 2009. Never at any stage did she feel sorry for herself or complain about the horrific injuries she sustained but stayed strong and met every milestone head on so that she would recover quicker and get back to herself. The Lady I aim to be!

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