Donegal author Margo Gorman is set to launch a new novel next month, following the success of her debut – Bone and Blood: A Berlin novel in 2014.

Margo, who is from Laghey and lives between Donegal and Germany, is back with a thought-provoking second novel entitled Michel-Michelle.

The book will be released at the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin on 5th March at 8pm.

Donegal author Margo Gorman

Gorman’s debut novel was shortlisted for the Virginia Woolf Prize. Bone and Blood: A Berlin novel told the story of an Irishwoman imprisoned in Ravensbrueck concentration camp during the Second World War.

As she is based in both the culture epicentre of Berlin to the roaming hills of Donegal, Gorman utilizes her unique perspective to discuss themes of equality, migration, identity and borders in her work.

As a life-long champion of diversity, Gorman was thrilled to partner with Victorina Press to publish Michel-Michelle.

Michel-Michelle is the story of architect Axel who is the son of a transgender woman Michel-Michelle, his birth mother Amelia and her partner, Naomi. 

As potential fatherhood looms on Axel’s horizon, memories of his childhood, his relationship with his three mothers and his French/English identity swell to the surface. Challenged by his relationship with his partner, Sophie, he reflects on transitions: from male to female, from child to adult, from France to England.

Michel-Michelle challenges fixed notions of gender identity. The novel is a homage to pioneers of diversity and a timely contribution to current discussions of gender fluidity.

A former student of Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney, Gorman earned her undergraduate degree in Queen’s University, Belfast where is campaigned for Civil Rights. She is well known in Donegal for her involvement in the Tír Chonaill Writers’ Group in Donegal Town, Fighting Words alongside writer Roddy Doyle and No-SmallTalk.