This week Emmet from Rushe Fitness looks at nine simple ways that you can jeopardise healthy lifestyle goals.

There can be a number of reasons for weight loss stalling.

Below I cover 9 of the most common reasons I find when working with our Rushe Fitness members.

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9 reasons why you may not be losing weight ⁣

1. You eat too many calorie dense foods. ⁣

These can have loads of calories for very little amounts of that food. ⁣
It is usually the reason people who say, ‘I don’t eat a lot but can’t lose weight’, can’t seem to drop those last few pounds.
Think of things like Nuts, peanut butter, avocado on toast, breakfast bowls, smoothies etc.
They can all have huge amounts of calories for very little food.

2. You don’t track your food intake. ⁣

You don’t need to use My Fitness Pal, but you should be aware of what you are consuming throughout the day. ⁣
You can use a food diary, you can take pictures, or use an app like My Fitness pal. But, if you are freestyling it and have no idea what you are consuming, it’s time to start if weight loss is your goal.

3. You Take Friday To Monday off your diet.⁣

You can’t spend 3 days out of 7 eating and drinking whatever you want and then wonder why weight loss isn’t happening. ⁣
It doesn’t matter how good you are the other 4 if you blow it out of the water each weekend. ⁣
If you are completely off track every weekend, it’s time to start reeling it in if you want to see the results.

4. You overestimate what you burn. ⁣

Cardio machines and calorie trackers aren’t entirly inaccurate. ⁣
Unless you are an athlete, and fat loss is your goal you don’t need to eat back what you burn from your training. ⁣If you do, you will be at weight maintenance and won’t lose weight.

5. You don’t eat enough nutrient dense foods. ⁣

Unlike number 1, these food are lower in calories, higher in vitamins and minerals and also you can eat loads for vary little calories. ⁣
So, fill up on your fruits and veggies and you will be able to have larger meals without the extra calories.

6. You eat extra because you exercised. ⁣

The dieters dilemma. You feel like you have earned that treat after your exercise session. But most treats have more calories than you probably burned and some have more.
If you normally treat yourself after your training sessions, it’s time to stop.

7. You underestimate your food portions ⁣

You may be eating healthy, but are your portions enough for 2 people? ⁣
If you are filling your plate and then refilling, it could be the reason for your lack of results. ⁣
Use the palm sized portions guide for managing how much you eat at each meal.

8. You Underestimate calories consumed from alcohol. ⁣

Alcoholic drinks have calories. But because they are not food, people tend to forget that a weekend binge can lead to thousands of calories. If you are drinking regularly, it will have an effect on your weight. ⁣

9. You order in too much⁣

Did somebody say just eat? ⁣
If take aways are your main source of dinners, then that’s definitely the reason you aren’t losing weight.⁣

The list above are 9 reasons why weight loss may not be happening.⁣
If one or more fit your description, it may be time to re-evaluate and get back on track.

Which are your downfall? ⁣
⁣Let me know below. ⁣

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