The untold story of Donegal computer pioneer Kay McNulty will be the focus of a new documentary airing on RTE One this Monday, 10th February at 8.30pm.

Kay McNulty, a native of Creeslough, was a Donegal Gaeilgeoir, computer programmer and one of the six original programmers of the ENIAC, the first general-purpose electronic digital computer.

Kay McNulty. Image: RTE HERSTORY

She was one of the world’s first programmers and her little-known achievements technology helped change the world.

A new RTE project called Herstory has set out to put Ireland’s epic women in the spotlight.

Kay McNulty is one of six women whose stories are featuring in special documentaries, while more women, many of whom were left out of the history books, are being celebrated online and in podcasts.

Kay McNulty

Herstory: Ireland’s Epic Women focuses on Kay McNulty on Monday, RTE One at 8.30pm.

It’s sure to be an inspirational watch for anyone with an interest in STEM subjects and for anyone who wants to learn more about Kay’s life.

The episode will include contributions from Dr. Angela Byrne, who is from Culdaff, Dr. Mary McAuliffe and Kay McNulty’s daughter, Gini Mauchly Calcerano.

Gini Mauchly Calcerano, Kay McNulty’s daughter, speaks on Herstory: Ireland’s Epic Women. Image: RTE

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