Rushe Fitness owner Emmet Rushe challenges us to rethink our screentime and make the most of the time we usually spend scrolling.

This week’s challenge is probably one of the toughest that you will undertake.

This week, I want you to reduce your Screen Time!

I know that may sound like a foreign concept for most of us, but it is for good reason.

The average time that people spend interacting with electronic devices is 11 hours.

That survey was done in 2018 and the time spent in front of screens had risen by 1.5 hours in the previous 4 years before that.

So, our actual time spent in front of screens in 2020 is more likely to be 11 hours and 45 mins.

Of those 11 hours, only 4 hours and 46 minutes were spent watching television.

So, that means hat 6 hours and 14 minutes were spent in front of computers, tablets or scrolling on our phones.

This might seem shocking to most of you, as it may not seem that you are spending that much time online.

But, if you think about how often you check your phone, how often you get notifications and messages and how often you spend on social media, the actual figures could be even higher than predicted.

Our time being spent online is increasing at an alarming rate and this can pose a real problem for several reasons;

  • We are becoming more inactive and this is affecting our health and weight
  • Our concentration levels are reducing as the draw to check our devices is ever more present
  • Our social interactions are suffering
  • More people are checking their social media accounts while driving
  • Our children are losing basic abilities like being able to run properly, hop and jump
  • Our relationships are suffering as we spend time together, but rarely have an actual conversation with each other

The rise of technology and people’s times being spent online, especially on social media has seen an array of negative health issues following it according to a study by the University of Surrey

It has been linked to;

  • Decreased self-esteem and self-image
  • A decline in health
  • A rise in obesity
  • A rise in mental health issues.
  • A rise in sleep disruption

So, with all that happening, it will be of great benefit to us to reduce our screen time and see what is happening in the world outside of our electronic devices.

So, your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to start reducing your time spent online this week.

You can break it into longer time slots spent off your devices each day of the 7 days and try to do as long as you can on the final day.

So, it could go like this:

Monday -15mins
Tuesday – 30 mins
Wednesday – 45 mins
Thursday – 1 hour
Friday – 1.5 hours
Saturday – 2 hours
Sunday – As long as possible.

If you are doing the challenge, be sure to use your free time for something more constructive.

  • Go for a walk
  • Play with the kids
  • Read a book (not a kindle)
  • Exercise
  • Talk to your kids
  • Talk to your partner

Just be sure to use it wisely and to make the most of the time we tend to waste scrolling through social media or binge-watching programs on Netflix.

Are you up for the challenge? Let me know below.

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