Rushe Fitness Owner Emmet Rushe challenges us to get out and explore a new Donegal location this week - where will you go?

The days are crisp and bright and with it being January, it is making getting out and about much easier, especially when trying to get your 10k per day steps in.

This week’s challenge is something along the same lines, as we are still trying to be active and get our steps in, BUT, this one is also going to let us get to know Donegal a little better.

So, what I would like to know this week is this;

Where in Donegal do you go to take a walk, go for a jog, a hike or just to clear your head for a bit and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?

This is a great exercise to do as it’ll help you get to know Donegal even better and also help us all to find some of the unique and special places that make our county so incredible!

So often we end up going to the same places over and over again…. simply out of habit and because we know what to expect, or have a route that we know well.

So it’s time to switch that up.

Your challenge this week is to pick a new place you’ve always wanted to visit – and actually GO there!

There are LOADS of places around the county that you can go to keep active and enjoy the scenery while you are doing it.

Fanad Lighthouse. Photo: Ciaran May for Tourism Ireland

Here are a few of my favourite places you may want to check out if you’ve never been there before!
(I’m always surprised when I mention a few of them to people who live locally and they never have been to some of these places.)

  • Glenveagh
  • Lisfannon Beach
  • Muckish Mountain
  • Sliabh Liag (Slieve League)
  • Marble Hill Strand Beach

These are some of my favourite places to go for a Sunday walk with the family and also to go for excursions with the Rushe Fitness members.

We have climbed Muckish and Mt Errigal several times over the past few years and they never fail to disappoint.

So, the question is where are YOU headed this week?!?

Be sure to let me know some of the hidden gems where you like to go, so we can find even more places to get our 10k per day step in and also to find out more about Donegal.

Happy stepping.

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