With stunning looks from her skiing trip to share, MUA Lynda Strain shares her guide to protecting your skin in the winter sun.

The old myth that make up is bad for your skin is just that A MYTH! As I have stated before if you wear makeup, have a good skin care routine at night to allow your skin to heal & repair itself!

I am just back from my annual ski trip to France. I do like to have my make up on everyday not just for vanity reasons, but because it protects my skin from the various elements that can attack your skin whilst skiing, such as the sun, snow, wind and minus degree temperatures. Also it’s a lot of fun trying out different looks.

Any day you can experience a mixture of weather conditions that can aggravate and attack your skin. So I am giving you a few tips on how you can protect your skin skiing or any winter sun sport.

I do believe in the saying when we look good we feel good. I started to believe this going through chemotherapy. I made sure every day I had my face on and no matter how horrible I physically felt which in turn made me feel good and this kept me going and I have been doing it ever since!

” Always wear sun protection no matter if the Sun is out or not”

Sun Kissed Glow

* SPF 30,
* Flawless Finish Foundation – containing Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant giving me added skin protection.
*Roseanne Luminator for a dewy glow.
*Cleopatra Liquid Liner for eye definition.
*Diamond Mascara containing added vitamins to strenghten lashes.
*Vintage velvet matte long-lasting lipstick, smudge proof and lasts all day.

Pink Girly Girl

*SPF 30.
*Flawless Finish Foundation.
*Shannon Luminator.
*Amelia Alice Eyes & Cheeks.
*Cleopatra Liquid Liner.
* Diamond Mascara.
*Beverley Hills velvet matte long-lasting lipstick.

Powder n Pout 

*SPF 30
*Pressed Mineral Foundation containing a natural SPF 15 and is also an anti-oxidant so my skin is super protected and treated today.
*Sarah Highlighter/Bronzer for an added glow.
*Temptress velvet matte long-lasting lipstick.

A different day a different look!

All products used can be purchased in store at Lynda Strain Makeup Kerrykeel or online www.lyndastrainmakeup.com