The Saolta group is set to carry out a review into the Gynaecological Services at Letterkenny University Hospital due to concerns over diagnoses.

The quality and safety of the department will be put under scrutiny “in order to provide assurance”, according to Saolta.

The review follows two cases in which serious concerns were raised about delays in cancer diagnoses for female patients.

Hospital consultant Dr Margaret Mac Mahon called for a review following the death of her sister Carol in 2015 from endometrial cancer.  Saolta admitted that “a series of failings” caused a delay in Carol Mac Mahon’s diagnosis.

A second case arose with a local woman who died two years after presenting with symptoms. The woman’s family formally requested a review last year.

An independent review team is due to visit Letterkenny University Hospital in mid-January to meet with relevant people.

A statement from Saolta outlined that the Clinical Service Review will determine the current status of the “quality and safety of Gynaecological Clinical Services in Letterkenny University Hospital, including areas of strength and areas for further improvement.”

A particular focus will be placed on the pathways of care for patients who present with Post-Menopausal Bleeding (PMB).

The review will also make recommendations if necessary to improve the status of quality and safety of Gynaecological Clinical Services in Letterkenny University Hospital.

The Clinical Review team, working closely with the HSE’s Women’s and Infant’s Health Programme Office, will comprise an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist together with a senior Nurse/ Midwife, external to the Group. The members of the Review Team are Mr John Price, Consultant Obstetrician; Ms Anne Kelly (Retired Director of Nursing / Midwifery); and Mr Gareth Clifford, QPS Office, Acute Hospitals.