Makeup artist Lynda Strain inspires a New Year's resolution for setting a great skincare routine.

When skin is cared for it allows your makeup routine to become a whole lot easier as your skin will be silky smooth and foundation will glide on and skin will look healthy and full of vitality!

It is such a cliché “love the skin you’re in”, but think about it, it actually makes sense.  If you love your skin by nurturing and hydrating it, using the appropriate skincare and makeup suited for your skin type you will get the results you desire. I truly believe this as a skin care specialist, I have dealt with all types of skin complaints from my clients over the years. I have seen the benefits of women who never invested in their skin and never wore makeup to then suddenly take an interest in their skin and overtime maintain their now good healthy skin. 

 So it is a new year and we are full of promises to ourselves to get fit, healthy and achieve our goals etc so why not make a new years resolution to look after your skin!!! 

Follow the steps below and see how good your skin looks and feels

A good skincare routine morning and night using the products designed for your skin will help you achieve the look good feel good factor. Avoid any products containing such ingredients like harsh chemicals, astringents, parabens and artificial fragrances. 

Go Green – My favourite beauty range of all time is Voya Organic Skincare from Strandhill in Sligo.  They have created a truly wonderful natural concept using harvested seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean full of vitamins and minerals to help boost, heal, protect and nourish your skin.


Facial Wash  – is best to use to balance the skins PH levels, clean and refresh your skin for the day ahead

Tone – To refine your skin and minimize pores

Serum – A serum will have different benefits for different skin types. It will penetrate your skin on a deeper level for maximum results.

Eye Cream – An eye cream or eye gel are a must as the skin around your eyes is much thinner and delicate than your facial skin and requires a much lighter product than a facial moisturiser. A facial moisturiser can cause congestion around the eye area leading to dark circles and also the build up of milia.

Day Cream/Moisturiser – A day cream will be designed to protect your skin from the daily elements and debris and may also contain an SPF  which in turn will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun even on a cloudy day.


Cleanser – A cleanser will cleanse away any debris or makeup on the skins surface and should be used even if you are not wearing makeup as your skin will have been exposed to everyday pollutants. 

Tone and Serum

Facial Oil – depending if your skin needs a little extra bit of loving. An oil can transform your skin from dull to dazzling, balance your skins oil production, keep skin hydrated and nourished.

Eye Cream 

Night Cream/Moisturiser – A night cream will help nourish and repair your skin.

Monthly Facials 

Why should you treat yourself to a facial?

A facial not only leaves you with healthy glowing skin but is also deeply relaxing. 

1- Stimulates collagen production

2- Stimulates the lymphatic system aiding in the removal of toxins and waste

3- Increase blood supply aiding in increased oxygen and nutrient supply to your skin

4- Soothing and calming on your skin

5- Improves skin tone and elasticity

6- Brightens your complexion

7- Reduces puffiness

8- Removes dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and improves skin texture

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