Donegal-based makeup artist Lynda Strain has 10 top tips for perfecting a smokey eye this Christmas.

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Lynda Strain

1. Prime – To create a smooth canvas for eye shadow application.

2. Using a black or brown kohl eyeliner, shade the full eyelid.

3. Blend the liner into the eye and massage the socked line to create depth.

4. Take the darkest colour of your choosing and using a flat ended brush, press the colour into the eye lid not going above the socket line

5. Blend the socket line again along with the inner and outer corners of the eye. A smokey eye should be well blended for a sultry effect.

6. Apply black kohl liner to the waterline and just below the lower lash line and close eyes tightly, this creates a soft smudged effect. Blend under the eye with a small blending brush, which will create the illusion of a wider eye area.

7. Taking your lightest colour and using a clean blending brush, highlight under the brow bone to give an instant lift.

8. Apply a liquid liner to the top lash line and wing it out past the corners of the eyes.

9. Glitter all the way! Apply a glitter line above the liquid liner, I always use the Urban Decay glitter liners ask they come in a range of colours with a precise application tip for ease of use.

10. To set the look you will need false lashes. Apply mascara to your natural lashes to help to blend them with the false ones, making for a more natural appearance.

FUN FACT: Determining if you are warm or cool tones, and wearing makeup colours suited to your tone will harmonise and enhance your natural features