In a world where busy mammies try to be superwomen, Maria has a refreshing to-don't list to follow.

I’ve written before about my love of a good “to-do” list.

I love them. I make them constantly and nothing pleases me more than drawing an aggressive and satisfied line through the things on my to-do list.

I even to my to-do lists in categories…

But before you roll your eyes, this post is NOT about doing things and being organised… it’s about the most important list that I have.

It’s my “To-DON’T ” list.

You see, in a world where busy Mammies try to be Superwomen and have to try to keep all the plates spinning, trying to-ACTUALLY-do it all, is nigh on impossible.

And it’s actually a load of crap.

I do a lot.
I like to be busy and to some looking at the snippets I share online, it may seem that I have 483 hours in my day.

I get asked often how I “find the time” or “do it all”

The answer? There’s a lot I DON’T DO.

And my Don’t DO list is the reason that I can find time to do the things that I WANT to do.

Here are a few of the things that, over the years, I have removed from my to-do list and planted firmly onto my To-Don’t list:

1. I don’t tidy or clean every day. Sometimes I leave the house WITHOUT making beds. (gasp…)
2. I don’t go to everything I’m asked to or expected to.
3. I don’t sign the girls up to classes or activities if they don’t fit or suit our already full schedule.
4. I don’t mop my floors every day.
5. I don’t do washing every day.
6. I don’t iron. (unless absolutely essential and only ever as I’m about to put it on!) And I don’t EVER iron bedsheets…
7. I don’t wash my hair everyday. (God bless Dry shampoo)
8. I don’t wear makeup or “dress up” every day.
9. I don’t make stuff from scratch if there are perfectly good jarred or packet sauces etc to make the dish. Lasagne from scratch? Not in my house. Jars all the way.
10. I don’t shave my legs every day… Who has time for that?

11.  I don’t bath the kids every day.  Never have. 

I could go on…

These are just a few of the little things that I stopped adding to my to-do list and which allow me to HAVE time to do the things that are more important in MY life.

I do have time to read stories at bedtime. I do have time to read a few pages of whatever book I’m reading. I do have time to train. Or drive Herself to Drama or Gymnastics. Or phone a sibling for a catch up.

Or do whatever else I want to do.

And I do have time to make to-do lists of the things that I ACTUALLY need to do.

Because there is no magic fairy who comes to your house to scold you if you’re not doing all the things that society or social media or TV shows tell you you SHOULD be doing.

So you do you Beautiful.

And maybe, just for fun (and to make us all feel a bit better about our “failings”,) You might share something that YOU DON’T DO below.

I guarantee you that we’re not all as Mary Poppins as we’d like to have the world think.

And see those things that you put yourself under pressure “to-Do”, just because you think you HAVE to?

If you’re not doing them for YOU or because YOU want to, stick them on your To-Don’t List.