Rushe Fitness gym owner Emmet has 4 ways to make changes in your diet, without resorting to a meal plan.

Last Thursday I held my ‘How to Lose Weight Without Dieting’ seminar here in Letterkenny.

The 1st point I brought up at it was that I wasn’t going to mention meal plans.

There was a very simple reason for this.

Meal plans can be seen as a necessity by people starting out trying to lose weight.

It is as if, once they have this plan, they will finally achieve success and they will be able to stick to what’s written on the plan indefinitely.

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If getting a meal plan worked and it was what was needed, you could go onto the internet and look through any of the 397,000,000 results that pop up.

You see, it’s not that having the meal plan won’t help you to lose weight, all diets work, no matter how bad they may be.

It’s that thinking that you could possibly stick to a single meal plan for any length of time really isn’t feasible.

For most, who are trying to lose weight, there could be years of failed dieting behind them.
They could have tried every type of diet that was popular at the time, and whenever it didn’t get them the results they had hoped for, the person moves onto the next one.

This cycle can go on for years and the only thing that changes, is the person’s bank balance, as they spend more money on something that won’t fix the issue at hand.

If meal plans worked, we wouldn’t have any issues with weight.

We all know that this isn’t how it works and some of the reasons for this are because:

  • The meal plan won’t fix any bad relationships you may have with food.
  • The meal plan won’t fix how you feel about yourself and how this effects your eating habits. 
  • The meal plan won’t fix if your weekends always go off the rails. 
  • The meal plan won’t fix the fact that you may hate half of the food written on it and won’t stick to it. 
  • The meal plan won’t fix the years of negative feelings you have built up towards dieting of any kind and you only see dieting as a path to failing at them. 

Meal plans aren’t designed to deal with any of the issues above.

They are designed for one thing.

To give you an outline of what to eat at specific times throughout the day.

That’s not to say that you won’t lose weight on them, it’s just that you probably aren’t ready for sticking to a rigid meal plan and that is okay.

There are many different ways that you could achieve success, before ever having to try and follow a plan that tells you to eat specific foods at specific times.

Things like;

  • Keeping a food diary
  • Building better habits into your daily routine
  • Managing your portion sizes
  • Monitoring your calorie intake

Those are 4 ways that you could start to make changes in your diet, without resorting to a meal plan that won’t help you to break the bad habits that you may have built up over years of dieting.

Meal plans have a purpose and can be a useful tool, but they are limited and don’t teach you anything that will help you in the long run.

If you have struggled with dieting and your weight for a long time, meal plans aren’t what you need.

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