A Kerrykeel schoolboy is being hailed a hero after donating bone marrow to save his sister's life on Tuesday.

Niamh Toland (14) is doing well after receiving her transplant from her brother Niall (12), the Tirconaill Tribune reports.

Niamh has had a major health battle this year after being diagnosed with ‘Severe Aplastic Anaemia’ disease. Niamh and her family’s long and traumatic journey reached a positive outcome this week when they got the good news that her transplant surgery went according to plan.

Niamh and Niall Toland

As Niamh underwent her transplant in Crumlin Hospital on Tuesday afternoon, her classmates in third year at Loreto College in Milford staged a fundraiser ‘Neon for Niamh’.

24 hours after the transplant Niamh’s mother, Brigid reported that the recovery period is going well and the coming days will be important in the first stage of the rehabilitation programme as the medical team monitors the situation, minute by minute.

The procedure on Tuesday morning began at 9.00am when Niamh’s 12 years old brother, Niall was brought to theatre to allow the surgeons to extract one litre of bone marrow along with the stem cells.

As Niall remained under anaesthetic, Niamh was already in theatre awaiting the transplant. All went well and with her family and friends urging her to get well, Niamh and indeed Niall have been in everyone’s prayers and thoughts in Kerrykeel throughout the weekend as the deadline approached.

This has been a very tough time for the Toland and McGinley families and they’ve been highly appreciating for the support of the local community.

Niall is big into football and on Tuesday night his biggest concern was that he will have recovered enough to play for the Mulroy Academy at the weekend. So far he has played 25 games for them and has scored 29 goals… but he is a real hero having donated his life-saving bone marrow to save his sister’s life on Tuesday.

A fundraiser account towards Niamh’s rehabilitation is to be opened in the Swilly Mulroy Office at the Bridge in Kerrykeel and a committee will be set up trustees on Monday night.

A number of fundraisers have been organised locally. Her third year class of students at Loreto Convent, Milford had a sponsored ‘Neon for Niamh’ on Tuesday and on Friday week (October 11th) in Ripple’s Restaurant in Kerrykeel there is a supper night at eight o’clock and your support will be very much appreciated. Please come early and while there is no door charge, donations are welcomed. Your donation will see you included in a spot prize draw.

The music is by Shane McLaughlin and the House Band and it will be a great way of supporting the fundraising.

John Og Friel is organising a 25 card drive in the Mulroy Woods Hotel on Friday night, October 25th at 8.00pm and you are asked to contact John Friel for details on 086 3838795.

On Saturday October 26th there is a vintage tractor run in aid of Niamh’s fund. This event is in the Church Grounds in Kerrykeel with registration at 11.00am.

The man to contact for details is John Ward on 087 7771655.

Please support all these events and keep contributing to the gofundme. Niamh Toland Rehabilitation Fund page to help reach the target figure of €20,000.