Interior Designer Anne Tuohy invites you to try her five-day detox plan... for a lighter and happier feeling at home.

I love the month of September. In many ways, it’s a cleansing month, just like January. Kids are back to school and college, and our life falls into a comfortable routine.

It is also the perfect time to consider detoxing and declutttering your home.

I honestly cannot emphasise enough the positive benefits, that a ruthless declutter will have have on your physical and mental health. Just like losing a few pounds, you will feel lighter, happier and calmer.

I have done the heavy lifting for you, and I have devised a five day plan to help you detox your home and your life. There will be a daily video to guide you, plus notes and inspiration to keep you focused, and on track.

I deliberately wanted to get you, and your family, back into a routine, post summer, before we start.

So, from Sept 16 to Sept 20, I will bring you on a journey, day by day, to declutter your home and enhance your life. I need this too. I have a big adventure ahead of me!

I have set up a private Facebook Group, so we will do this quietly, and among friends. Here is the link, and I would love to see you on Monday. You home will absolutely thank you for it.

My “5 Day September Detox your Home Challenge” is FREE to join, and aims to help you get your home back on track after the summer……

Here’s what’s involved