Twitter was abuzz with all things Donegal on Wednesday 14th of August as the #LoveDonegal day campaign reached worldwide audiences.

People from home and abroad embraced the trend and flooded timelines with photos, stories and mentions of why they love Donegal. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were all filled with content promoting Donegal and taking pride in the county.

As the excitement settles, it has been revealed that the social media campaign reached over 33 million people, trended at Number 1 in Ireland, and trended in the UK and the US.


“We have all been totally overwhelmed not just by the statistics but by the sheer strength of the human response to #LoveDonegal day” says Garry Martin, director of service with Donegal County Council. 

The council are a lead partner in Donegal Connect, the public/private sector project behind #LoveDonegal Day. Donegal Connect are holding over 50 events from 27th September to 6th October this year.

Garry said: “We want to say a huge thank you to all the people in Donegal and all over the world who took part, and particularly to all those individuals and organisations who worked hard to spread the word to others.”

“The first indication of success was when we began to trend the night before. On #LoveDonegal day itself – the 14th August – we trended at Number 1 in Ireland from 7am straight through to 7pm,” says Garry.

“We trended at Number 1 in Belfast, at No 29 in the UK, and also trended briefly in the US.”

“People really engaged with the campaign too. The total number of Tweets & Retweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, and other interactions was over 190,000,” adds Garry. “People posted pictures of their favourite landscapes, days out, things to do, their communities, why they loved to visit, work or live in Donegal.”

“These are all the things we wanted to promote about our amazing county for Donegal Connect, so we are absolutely delighted not just with the statistics but with the outpouring of genuine love and affection for Donegal. It was an incredible day, and people are still posting #LoveDonegal.”

The campaign achieved what it set out to do, says Joanne Kilmartin, the Donegal Diaspora officer for the county: “We’ve had lots of enquiries since #LoveDonegal day from people interested in moving home or relocating here.

 “So many entrepreneurs in Donegal emphasise just what a great place it is to do business, and we’d like to give people a taste of that.”

As part of Donegal Connect 2019, Donegal Diaspora will be offering hotdesk facilities to anyone who wants to travel here to attend events but may need to work while they are here.

“For Donegal Connect, a range of community and public sector groups are providing high speed broadband in a fully equipped workspace at 8 locations across the county from Inishowen to Arranmore Island,” says Joanne. “So, business owners or employees get a chance to work outside their traditional office environment during Donegal Connect. It also gives those with limited leave in the final quarter of the year to come to Donegal to join us for some of the programme.”

“The hotdesks initiative is about promoting the county as a place where anyone can leverage technology in order to work remotely in one of the most beautiful counties in Ireland.”

To enquire about booking a hotdesk please email Joanne at