'You are capable of a hell of a lot more than you might ever think you are.'

On Saturday past, the Rushe Fitness members and myself set off on an adventure.

Oldcastle in Co Meath was our destination and “Tough Mudder Ireland” was our challenge.

When we booked this in February everyone was up for the challenge and were excited by what it was going to be.

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However, as the weeks rolled in and the event got closer doubt started to creep in to some of our members minds and they began to question whether they would be able to complete the course or some of the obstacle that was involved.

Some had doubts about their fitness; others had doubts about the obstcales and some about whether they should have signed up at all.

The thing is, I had no doubt that each member would not only make it through, but surprise themselves in the process.

This is what we do every day when it comes to achieving our goals.

We doubt whether we would be fit enough to start a class. 
We doubt whether we would be able to stick to a diet having tried and failed so many times before. 
We doubt whether we could keep up if we went out to try a 5k for the 1st time. 

We tend to be our own worst enemies when it comes to getting started on our path to health and fitness.

In the week leading up to the event, the Tough Mudder organisers began to put up pictures and videos of the new and improved obstacles on Facebook.

They were boasting that it would be the “toughest course that they had ever run”.

This did nothing to alleviate the fears and doubts of the already worried members.

But Saturday came and our 21 person crew made our way to Meath and to the event.

As a team, our members really shone.

They helped each other through each and every obstacle and stuck to the Rushe Fitness mantra that teamwork is what matters most and that ‘No-one gets left behind’.

They helped others out of rivers, drains, trenches and over obstacles.

Once our members were through the obstacles, some of them even stayed on and continued to help other individuals and teams.

As we continued through the event, some of our members, who were panicking about their fitness in the weeks leading up to the event, were already around the some of the obstacles ahead of us and moving onto the next.

So much for not being fit enough.

This is the thing when it comes to your health and fitness.

Whenever people get into tough situations, their true natures shine through and I’m happy to say that my members made me proud.

I see this all the time in our Lean in 2019 classes. 

People come in, full of fear and doubt and by the end of the 1st 6 weeks, they are doing things that they never would have believed they could when they started.

Don’t ever let fear and doubts cloud your mind, you are capable of a hell of a lot more than you might ever think you are.

It doesn’t matter if you think you are too old, too overweight, not fit enough, have never tried it before, or if you think you are able for it; it simply doesn’t matter.

What matters most is that you have to start and keep moving forward and you will eventually succeed.

We succeeded on Saturday because of the support and teamwork that the Rushe Fitness members gave each other.

This is something that happens on a daily basis in our members only support group we have for our Lean in 2019 program.

With someone to push you in the right direction and the right team behind you, anything is possible.

So, before you talk yourself out of starting on your goals, remember that nothing is impossible and if you start and keep moving forward, no matter how long it takes, you will eventually succeed.

If you would like to join our gym community, our Lean in 2019 program is taking bookings for our August classes now.

Our next phase of classes starts on August 6th and you can pre book your place now through the link below.