Take a look at some of the holiday fashion picks that are sure to get you in the mood for your summer holiday!

As it is summer and the weather in Ireland is not at its best it is only expected to be jetting off somewhere hot to relax by the pool.

The excitement of going on holidays and getting away is one thing but there is also the excitement of finding the best holiday clothes for you that is comfortable to wear when walking down the street at night or out and about during the hot sunny days. 

ASOS always have the best holiday clothes and there is so much to choose from that you could spend ages on the website without even realising.

This halterneck dress is fashionable yet also quite casual and comfortable. It could easily be worn during the day if you are heading out but also at night for dinner.

ASOS halterneck dress/€34.56

This midi sundress has been on ASOS for quite some time now and it always catches the eye as the pattern is different and it’s quite fancy.

This dress is perfect for holidays as the material isn’t heavy and instead of wearing heels you could wear a pair of sandals and look equally as fashionable.

ASOS design square neck linen midi sundress with wooden buckle and contrast stitch in squiggle print/ €38.71

Boohoo also has its fair share of holiday attire that many women love where the price is always affordable.

This linen midi dress looks very comfortable as the material is quite wide. The pattern and colour of the dress are light and can be topped off with some earrings and either wedges or flat sandals.

Stripe button through linen midi dress/ Boohoo/ €22

Maxi dresses are still a big thing in fashion as this palm print maxi dress screams holiday attire. Not many people love all the patterns but this dress is great to wear down the street at night with little jewellery as the dress already has a lot going on.

Strappy Frill detail Palm Print Maxi dress/Boohoo/€20

River Island always has summer stock in that is cool and trendy. These slip camisole dresses are all the go and many young girls are wearing them like this or with a t-shirt inside. They are great to wear out in the sun as they are so light and dressy.

Black floral midi cami dress/River Island/€43

Dunnes also has a nice range in for summer that could suit anyone. This off the shoulder dress is perfect for out in the sun with good material that can be matched with some comfortable sandals.

Over the shoulder broderie Anglaise Dress/ Dunnes Stores/ €25

These are just some of the holiday fashion picks that are sure to dress up your holiday and also have you looking super stylish.