A new cross-border is being developed for local women to obtain a digital qualification in Peace and Conflict Transformation. 

The PEACE IV project, called PACT, is specifically targeted to empower, engage, transform and connect women aged 16+ in counties Derry, Donegal, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Leitrim and Sligo.

This free training will result in an assured digital qualification for women as well as the potential to progress to a Level 3 ILM Leadership and Management qualification. 

It is being developed by the Foyle Women’s Information Network, Training for Women Network and Intercomm in Belfast.

The course will be delivered in Donegal and other counties in autumn 2019. The first step is an online personality assessment of over 1200 women in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties. Women can complete the survey on: https://survey.twnonline.com/index.php/212515

Once completed, this ground-breaking test will direct women to other elements of training such as diversity, conflict transformation, cultures and traditions, leadership and inter-community communication.

Catherine Cooke, Foyle Women’s Information Network’s Co-ordinator stated, “The PACT project is one of the biggest undertakings of learning cross-border and cross-community learning that FWIN have undertaken. 

“It is an innovative project that focuses on building up relationships at a time when many relationships are fraught due to the looming of Brexit. 

“PACT is an exciting experience for women which not only aids peace-building but has the potential to transform, empower and connect women of all ages, backgrounds and communities.”

Match-funding for the project has been provided by the Executive Office in Northern Ireland and the Department of Rural and Community Development in Ireland.

For more information, please contact the TWN Chairperson – Patricia Lewsley-Mooney, email: patricia@twnonline.com.