The peaceful walk will take place from Ballybofey to Derry next week in memory of murdered journalist Lyra McKee.

A month has passed since the death of the 29 year old woman, who was fatally shot by the New IRA during a riot in the Creggan area of Derry.

Lyra McKee RIP

Ms McKee will be remembered with a Month’s Mind Mass this Friday and a Love for Lyra event in the Derry Peace Garden.

Donegal woman Breezy Willow Kelly is gathering a community together to support the peace movement which originated from Lyra’s death.

She has organised a walk to take place across East Donegal from 25th May to 27th May 2019 to coincide with a similar walk from Belfast to Derry.

Breezy Willow – Image via Bake Bread for Peace Facebook

Breezy is best known for her Bake Bread for Peace campaign. Next week, she is hoping that as many people as possible will join the peaceful walk across the border.

She said: “Lyra McKee’s murder on April 18th brought home to us all how delicate the Peace Process in Northern Ireland actually is, her death called people to action.

“The people of Northern Ireland are walking from Belfast to Derry/Londonderry for peace and an end to killings and to support and show solidarity with our neighbours. I am walking from Donegal to Derry/Londonderry over the same dates to meet the Belfast walkers when they arrive at Craigavon Bridge.”

People are invited to join the walk, or some small part of it, to show their support for peace in Northern Ireland.

“On the morning of Monday the 27th, (time still to be confirmed) at Bridgend, if as many of you as possible can join me to walk the last few miles over the border into Derry/Londonderry where we will meet with the Belfast Walkers,” Breezy said.

Breezy added that she hopes to carry out her baking project along the way, using bread-making as a sign of peaceful intentions.

Click here to keep an eye on the Facebook event for updates on Lyra’s Walk in Donegal