The series two finale had its fair share of comedy and tear-jerkers. Here are our highlights:

Bill Clinton hanging out in Burt, pink and purple USA flags and wee James being accepted as a Derry Girl – the season finale of Derry Girls series two had it all.

The C4 comedy revisited real historic events this week to shine a light on US President Bill Clinton’s first visit to Northern Ireland in 1995.

It was a nostalgic reminder of the era for many viewers who knew the Troubles only too well.

But not many knew about the President staying in Burt during his visit, we bet!

We always love the Donegal adventures on Derry Girls, and this week’s funniest story took the menfolk over the border on the hunt for Bill.

Derry Girls. Channel4

Burt? Why would they be bringing him to Burt?” – Gerry

“That’s what’s so clever about it. Nobody’s going to go looking for the President of the USA in Burt now are they?” – Jim

“Sure if you went about saying Bill Clinton was in Burt, people would think you were clean mad.” – Jim.

Stranger things have happened.

Before the momentous visit of the Clintons, we had to laugh at Ma Mary’s home preparations. She had to be ready in case the notion would come on them to visit.

Sure when was the last time these cups were bleached? I couldn’t hand Hillary that.” – Mary

No doubt that will bring up childhood memories for many.

Aunt Sarah. Derry Girls. Channel4

Also in the Quinn house, the ever-glam Aunt Sarah delivered some wonderful worldly wisdom in her take on eyebrows. You can admire someone’s brows, but you don’t have to like them all the same.

James’ mother Cathy was back in town, and she wasn’t exactly flavour of the month.

“The woman abandoned her own wain, Sarah.” – Mary

“I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about her eyebrows. Cathy and her eyebrows are two separate entities.

“I just think you should be able to compliment a person’s eyebrows without having her personality dragged into it.” – Sarah

Derry Girls. Channel4

Cathy with the brows wanted to take her wee English fella home. But he’s been with his girls from day one in the show, and we were so glad that his cousin wasn’t ready to let him go either.

Michelle’s words came from the heart, in a way:

“You’re a Derry Girl now James. It doesn’t matter that you’ve got that stupid accent or that you bits are different to my bits, because being a Derry Girl, well it’s a ****ing state of mind.”

And that set everyone off with the sniffles.

Derry Girls. Channel4

Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee has earned a lot of praise for underlying her stories with commentary on real events. This week, her talented work really struck a chord.

With the friends reunited, and Bill Clinton’s speech on peace, unity and hope in the background, the episode had a stark message for people today.

And the good news is, series three of Derry Girls was confirmed just moments after the finale!

Roll on 2020!