The policy change is a big step forward for all local people with disabilities.

Ballyshannon woman Vicky Matthew has been successful in her campaign for accessible transport to enable her to go to college.

The wheelchair user has received confirmation from Bus Eireann that the Route 480 bus from Derry to Sligo will be the first of a new fleet of low entry buses rolled out nationwide.

Ms Matthew brought the transport issue to light this year when a lack of accessible buses was preventing her from applying for a degree at Sligo IT.

Vicky Matthew

Through a petition, political lobbying and media campaigns, Vicky has now secured equal bus access for her locality and is focusing on influencing change nationwide.

The National Transport Authority has this week announced that 40 new wheelchair accessible buses are to be introduced to the Bus Eireann network. The vehicles are to be delivered by August, which is a victory for Vicky as it allows her to travel to college in the new semester.

Vicky will not be dropping the issue however, as she promises to continue fighting for disability access on all national routes.

In a statement on Facebook, Vicky called on her supporters to keep signing her petition:

“Route 480 means that I personally will be able to go to Sligo IT and along with all other wheelchair users on this route we will be able to travel when we want.

“The campaign doesn’t end here as it wasn’t just for my route it is for all routes nationwide. Next week I will be going to the Dail to hand in the petition to the Minister for Transport. So please keep signing and sharing.”

The petition is available to view on :