Ahead of her next workshop at Wholegreen, Letterkenny psychotherapist Maeve Peoples tells us how she helps people find serenity through art.

This Sunday will see Wholegreen on Church Lane in Letterkenny host an event with a difference called ‘Creative Meditation’.

Letterkenny woman and psychotherapist Maeve Peoples will be hosting this unique day of alternative meditation through art. Using creative expression, participants are guided through a simple process that allows them to tap into their own creativity and find an inner stillness.

The workshop at Wholegreen Wellness promises to be an uplifting experience for all.

Here, facilitator Maeve Peoples shares a guide to how people will benefit from the Creative Meditation day:

Meditation has many benefits. This is something that most of us know to be true. Sometimes, however, we can find it hard to start and maintain a meditation practice. Sitting in silence with closed eyes, or perhaps crossed legged on the floor, may not work for everyone.

Over the years, people have tried different forms of meditation. So when someone tells us that they find it too difficult to sit in silence, that they become restless, this is something that we can easily identify with.

There are, thankfully, other options, which allow us to embrace meditation in another formats.

Creating in any way – be that painting, drawing, sculpting, knitting, embroidery, dancing – can allow us another avenue to a meditative state.

Creative Meditation

These creative pursuits allow us to drop into what artists refer to as ‘a state of flow’. That’s the place when you start drawing and think only a few minutes has gone by. In reality you’ve actually skipped your entire lunch break. This state of flow gives us space to reconnect with ourselves and calm our ‘mind chatter’.

Within each of us is the capacity to be creative. Despite what we may have been told in school or elsewhere, creativity resides in each of us. Often, fear prevents us for allowing ourselves to be creative. Taking time and space to draw or paint can be rewarding in so many ways.

The emphasis here is not on the finished piece of art. Part of this experience is to allow us become aware of ourselves as we draw and create. Being fully engaged with the act of creating and gently allowing an awareness of ourselves as we work can allow us the freedom to create intuitively.

This one day workshop lets us allow ourselves the time to reflect, be still and create.

Would you like to take part?

This Creative Meditation workshop takes place this Sunday, March 24th from 10am until 4pm at Wholegreen Wellness. The cost for the day is €45 and includes all materials as well as an excellent lunch. Contact Maeve directly on 0872166560 to book your place.