We're struggling to find 'Patience' as we wait for this one to air.

Last week Derry Girls fans were gifted to a Spotify series of hits from the show, but the music is going to be mega tonight as tributes to Take That are promised.

The third episode of the new series will see the girls and James on a mission to see the pop band in concert in Belfast.

Channel 4

Few 90s groups are more iconic than the heartthrobs of Take That, or ‘This and That’ as Erin’s mammy calls them, so it’s understandable that the gang will do anything it takes to get there.

They have the tickets, but getting to Belfast will be the trouble after news gets out about escaped polar bears in the city. When Erin’s parents call off the trip, the teens decide to brave the bus, but there’s an unexpected passenger on board – who’s prone to eye-rolling.

We can’t be sure if Take That will make an appearance, but Gary Barlow has left some hints online today, tweeting: “Not sure what this Derry Girls is – but it’s on channel 4 tonight at 9.15 – could be fun.”

We only have to have a little ‘Patience‘ before seeing the craic on Derry Girls tonight, as it airs at 9.15pm on Channel 4.