Continuing her environmental series, Donegal gardener Joanne Butler tells us about her exciting spring workshops that will help people conserve water.

Joanne Butler – OURganic Gardens

Water, it’s a big issue, there’s no getting around it and it’s not going anywhere…  the issue that is!

Looking at the current weather, it may hard now to think back to last summer that saw long dry spells with similar drought conditions to 1976, but with climate challenges being made more and more obvious every day, then water is a big challenge that we are going to have to tackle head on, it looks like we will be either getting swamped by it or roasting in its absence!

Right now ChangeMakers Donegal can help growers and gardeners face that challenge by offering FREE Water Workshops that are available to all community gardens and tidy towns groups this spring.

The workshop is aimed specifically at community groups and gardens as well as Tidy Towns groups that have a need to use water in their environmental and community projects now and in the future.

These Water Workshops will be facilitated by Patsy Toland and myself, Joanne Butler. We both have a wealth of experience at home and afar in international water saving projects, in community garden groups and in their personal work at home and in their gardens.

We will look at sustainable and non-sustainable water use globally and locally, the effect it has on our planet and how it fits into the sustainable development goals and climate change. 

As well as that we will also look at local water saving case studies and explore ideas on how groups can set up a water harvesting systems in their own community garden or community centre.

If you are interested in ChangeMakers hosting this one-day workshop, then all you need to do is get a group of approx. 12 participants, provide tea and coffee and avail of indoor space with use of electricity for projector.  

For more information please contact Joanne Butler on 0861789971 or email