Amidst the Brexit crisis and endless talk about the border, there’s been one thing that’s bringing everyone together, and that’s Derry Girls.

The Channel4 comedy was back on our screens on Tuesday with a healthy dose of laughter for fans who’ve been missing the great north west wit.

The girls were off on an inter-faith peace initiative with the Protestants in episode one. Finding common ground in 1990s Derry wasn’t easy though, while all the peace Michelle wanted was a “fine piece of Protestant ass”.

Channel 4

We were treated to more than a few laugh out loud moments. Here are our favourites:

Donegal getting some nice wee mentions

The Derry folk (just the Catholics, as the retreat revealed) love a wee holiday to Co. Donegal.

Orla’s mammy Sarah had some great memories of her daughter’s outdoor pursuits at Portsalon:

“Orla really thrives in the wild ye know, that time we went camping in Portsalon sure she was like Mowgli running around them woods. She was that happy I honestly thought about just leaving her there.”

That’ll do wonders for Donegal tourism!

Orla (Louisa Harland) – Derry Girls. Channel 4

Later on at the retreat, as the teens were finding differences between Catholics and Protestants, some eagle-eyed viewers would have seen a Donegal mention on the board.

“Holidays – Catholics go to Bundoran. Protestants go to Newcastle.”

Right so.

Derry Girls. Channel 4

Michelle’s pure confidence

The unstoppable Michelle (Jamie Lee O’Donnell) was mad for the Protestant boys last night. She had planned to really integrate with the other group on the trip, and we couldn’t help but admire her self-confidence.

“Them waterproof trousers do wonders for my hole.”

Michelle (Jamie Lee O’Donnell) – Derry Girls. Channel 4

Sister Michael

Every sigh, every eye-roll and every withering glare she gave to Fr Peter were comedy gold from the imperturbable nun. She wasn’t having any of this peace craic, but she couldn’t contain her love of Catholic statues. Bless her.

The big bowl saga

Possibly one of the biggest pieces of Irish mammy drama to air on TV yet, Mary’s confusion over big bowl was brilliant.

After borrowing it from Michelle’s mum, she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why she wouldn’t want her good big bowl back.

What was wrong with it? Where did she get it in the first place? Who gives away their big bowl like that?

The burning question remains unsolved. Meanwhile, many viewers are calling for a look at the design big bowl before sharing their theories.

Just Derry Girls being back in general

We missed the quick-witted chat, the grumpy Granda, poor Clare’s endless worries, Erin’s expressions, the Wee English Fella and Orla’s nonsense.

Thank goodness the 90s music and the throwbacks are back (who wasn’t dressed in buy one get one free things from the Kays catalogue?).

We can’t wait to see what the next five weeks throw at us. Now, all we need is longer episodes!