Up here, it's different - but this duo are all about sharing our unique Donegal products.

Shop owners Carol and Linda-Mae Meagle love to showcase some of the best of the north west in the city.

Nestled in the heart of Dublin, their Donegal Shop is a treasure trove of quality products from some of the county’s best makers.

From McNutt to Bernie Murphy, Studio Donegal to Bogbean Designs, the St Stephen’s Green Centre shop has been championing great Donegal and Irish-made brands for decades.

The Donegal Shop – St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

Talented knitters from Donegal and Dublin also create hand-knitted items you won’t see everywhere else other than the Donegal Shop, which makes it a top draw for tourists and locals alike. Their online store makes picking up a special artisan creation even easier around the world.

The founders of Donegal Shop, mum Carol and daughter Linda-Mae Meagle, will be celebrating their close connections to the county this April 10th at the Women’s Inspire Network conference in Harvey’s Point.

Before this exciting gathering, network member Linda-Mae talked to DonegalWoman.ie to tell us more about her family business…

Linda-Mae and Carol Meagle – The Donegal Shop

My Business – Linda-Mae Meagle

We sell genuinely Irish made wool and tweed products from all over the country but mainly Donegal with a focus on quality and small manufacturers that make something special.

How I got to where I am today:

My mum Carol opened the business in 1995. I was here from day one, then I went off for a while to become a barrister returning in 2011 to run the family business.

‘Serving Bill Clinton in the shop one day was certainly a highlight!’

The Donegal Shop – St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

The most valuable things I have learned about business over the years:

Someone told me once every year there will be something that affects business that you will have no control over such as an ash cloud! Also take the highs with the lows, of which there are many.

My business network:

We have a few members of long-standing staff members who are worth their weight in gold.

LEO Dublin Enterprise are a constant source of support, I have a business mentor I see regularly. Carol (mum) is always on hand for advice and support.

Working for yourself can get lonely if you don’t reach out and ask for help. I use other small Irish business for my digital marketing and SEO for our online business.

‘Visitors’ personal interaction and hearing their stories makes my day’

The most rewarding thing about my work:

We get a lot of visitors to the shop from all over the world I love the personal interaction and hearing their stories makes my day, helping them get gifts for their family then booking them into a good restaurant that night makes theirs!

Who or what inspires me to succeed:

My family. There is great entrepreneurial spirit in my family. My father started Tropical Display Plants in the ‘80’s, mum opened the Donegal Shop the 90’s and my brother runs The Continuum Group – all combined have helped with support and advice over the years.

My goals for the future:

To keep promoting Irish made and particularly Donegal made products and companies around the world through our shop and online presence. To expand the Donegal Shop will be the next step!

Check out www.thedonegalshop.com and follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDonegalShop and Twitter twitter.com/donegalshop

Women’s Inspire Donegal

The Donegal Shop are proud sponsors of the highly-anticipated Women’s Inspire Network event in Donegal on the 10th of April 2019.

DonegalWoman.ie is the WIN media partner for the ‘Overcoming Challenges’ conference at Harvey’s Point. Tickets for ‘Women’s Inspire Donegal’ are out now on Eventbrite.ie. Use the code ‘donegalwoman’ for 20% off your ticket. Tickets include a full day conference, lunch, and workshops.