The north west is buzzing for the return of Derry Girl series two.

Set your reminders for Tuesday 5th March at 9.15pm for the return of the 90’s gang to Channel 4.

The new episodes are set to be bigger and bolder, with the same hilarious antics from Erin and friends.

One sneak peek released this week already has fans cracking up. Here, they give their own ideas on why Catholics and Protestants are different… and it all comes down to ABBA, of all things.

In the returning episode, the gang get excited about an outdoor pursuits peace initiative. But peace is the last thing on Michelle’s mind with the Protestant lads there.

Other things to look forward to in series two is Father Ted actor Ardal O Hanlon joining the cast as a guest star. The background landscape will be moving towards the ceasefire and the Clintons will also be visiting Derry.

The one-liners are still flowing too, as this second sneak peek shows: 

Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, who plays Michelle, told Channel4 that there are a lot of antics in store, now that the key characters are well-developed.

She said: “I think it’s just with season two everyone’s really gotten into the characters from season one, so I think Lisa sort of hit the ground running with everybody and it just sort of jumps straight in back where we left off with all the madness and the banter and the good times with the girls and the family.

“I suppose there’s just plenty of madness through the six episodes.”

Roll on Tuesday!